Jul 31 2018

Profiles of Innovation: Announcing Our New SVP of Engineering, Josh Nisenson

We are thrilled to announce Josh Nisenson as our new SVP of Engineering. We sat down with him to get some of his insights on the industry, his career, and how he sees VideoAmp fitting into the ecosystem.

Q: What are your responsibilities at VideoAmp?

A: I’ve been hired to thoughtfully grow the team, to improve our processes, help guide engineering and work closely with product and the business to accelerate delivery and expand market presence. That sounded pretty dry, I’ve been hired to make everyone smile and laugh more while they are working.

Q: What most excites you about those responsibilities?

A: The ability to help shape a young company and to positively impact the organization merely by tuning the teams and processes. I’m also excited about the encouraging signs I’ve seen from the existing leaders of the organization who have supported my desires to drive hackathons, innovation summits, labs, experimentation, and tinkering with tech. Unlocking the creative mindset is exciting!

Q: Is there a particular experience you had in the past that shaped your career ambition?

A: The largest impacts on my career were Mu Dynamics and BrightRoll. At each company I was surrounded by amazingly talented people who helped me think in different ways and pushed me to grow by forcing me outside of my comfort zone. I’ll be paying that forward here at VideoAmp.

Q: Big picture, why did you join VideoAmp?

A: I saw a company with amazing momentum and growth potential that I could help shape and scale. I value a company that invests in its people and culture. As cliche as it sounds, I joined for the people I met. People are the core of any great company. I also heard good things from people I respect outside the company who have been in the industry for a long time.There is a buzz around the company and I’m thrilled to see where we can take it.

Q: What is it about the company’s vision and mission that motivates you?

A: I like the idea of altering the worlds of marketing and advertising technology in a positive way. There is so much waste and needless complexity in those sectors that it is compelling to imagine a company that can dramatically improve things for the cross-screen world while still remaining connected to the linear tv past.

Q: How does it align with your vision for your career?

A: I’ve always wanted to lead an entire organization so I would say it aligns quite well! In truth, I believe it’s going to be one of the most challenging (but rewarding) jobs I’ve ever had.

Q: What have you observed about VideoAmp’s culture and the working environment?

A: The people are sharp, driven, and focused but also incredibly helpful, friendly and welcoming. There is a really nice mix of that “axe to the grindstone” mindset while including fun and stress-relieving activities. We just moved into a cool new space and the energy is powerful. We are now preparing to invite the LA media, marketing and technology communities in through meetups and other educational and inspirational events, so that they can also enjoy our space.

Q: What would you tell new potential recruits about the company?

A: VideoAmp is small enough to allow engineers, data scientists, and designers to have a huge impact while still getting to know the entire team. It’s got enough innovation, scale and complexity of technology to allow team members to learn, stretch themselves and acquire new skills. The products are differentiated in market and there is an opportunity to explode in growth so it’s also an opportunity to experience the excitement of unbridled potential. Doesn’t that get you interested just reading it?

Q: What is a little known secret about you that people would be shocked to hear?

A: I have a scar on the right side of my face because I was bitten by our family dog when I was 3 years old….the shocking part is that I was eating his dog food and he didn’t like it. No, I don’t remember the brand.

Q: BONUS QUESTION: What did we forget to ask you that you are dying to answer?

A: Since VideoAmp has called out family as one of its primary pillars in culture, I would love to tell you about mine! I have a wonderful wife (founder of BBrazil — yes this is a shameless plug) and 2 ridiculously adorable children (of course I’m biased).