Apr 28 2023
Transformation Series

Transformation Series: Randi Pittman

By Randi Pittman, Senior Talent Management Director

I grew up about an hour north of New York City and haven’t lived out of state. At one time I seriously considered making a move to California, the warmer weather all year round and the desire to experience somewhere new really piqued my interest but I never took the leap. After getting my undergraduate degree at Binghamton University, I further planted roots – working in NYC, attending Baruch College for my MBA, and living in the city for over a decade before making my way to the burbs before the COVID-19 pandemic. While I’ve stayed close to home, I’ve traveled a ton domestically and internationally including up and down both the East and West coasts, Hawaii, and various parts of Europe. Though my favorite adventure is when my husband and I decided to travel through Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand for a month – we had an ambitious list of places to check off and see, and a truly memorable trip to the other side of the world.

My interests include bubbles, playing superheroes, and building forts – well those are my kids’ interests but indirectly they are mine as I spend most of my non-working hours usually with them! My almost 4-year-old son, 1 ½-year-old daughter, and my husband are truly my best and favorite people to spend time with. We live very close to the beach and love going for those quiet early morning or late afternoon times – even on off-season warm days. When I do get some “me time”, I enjoy checking out interior design, home organization, taking photos, and doing yoga. Plus I love a solo trip to Home Goods or Trader Joe’s on a quiet Saturday morning (just suburb life things).   

Before I made my way to Human Resources, my post-college career started in advertising sales on the media side. I’ve spent the last 11 years in the People space, and I’ve worked with people in various departments including Finance, Real Estate, Revenue, Engineering, Product, News Editorial & Production. I’ve coached managers, been a voice to employees, facilitated training, and helped leaders define and execute their talent strategies. I’m always interacting with employees and gaining different perspectives.

When the opportunity came up to join the VideoAmp People team, I thought it was a great chance to blend my past and present careers, which would offer me a greater understanding of the day-to-day of our workforce. VideoAmp is a much smaller company than any that I’ve ever worked for – by tens of thousands of people. I feel a connection to the heartbeat and core of VideoAmp. I have the ability to take risks, be creative, and help set the foundation for many people-oriented playbooks, with not many boundaries and limitations to what can be done here.  There is no shortage of high-impact, interesting and meaningful work to accomplish at VideoAmp that keeps the heartbeat going.

In my career, I’ve had some really impactful experiences for myself and the teams I’ve worked with that I’m proud of and experiences that have been tough and complicated to get through to the other side. I would say both a challenge and achievement that touches me personally and professionally has been figuring out how to be a working parent of two kids at VideoAmp. Anyone who talks to me has likely heard me gush over my kids and in the same breath share a glimpse into the circus. I’m so grateful for the support and recognition that I receive from my manager, team, leadership, and employees I work with as I navigate my work life and family life. Additionally, I love meeting fellow Vamper parents – a reminder that there are many of us acting as superheroes every day. I see you and hear you, and hope you one day get to sleep in or take a nap.

I have witnessed myself grow a lot so far in my time at VideoAmp. I’ve noticed how with every project and task, whether big or small, it’s always first defining what’s the objective, what are we solving or hoping to achieve, and what’s our measure of success. This framework has helped me organize the way in which I work and find purpose in everything that I do here.  Additionally, I love seeing our company celebrate each and every win – the Vampers email distribution list is full of so much energy and GIFs that show how everyone is in this together, and in some shape or form contributing to the overall success of VideoAmp. We are here to make a big splash in the measurement and currency space, and I am driven to make VideoAmp a destination where our workforce feels supported, valued, and benefits from the contributions they make towards the mission and importantly to themselves.