Aug 24 2023
Thought Leadership

VideoAmp Summit at Cannes 2023

There certainly was not a lack of conversations to be had at Cannes 2023, as the advertising industry continues to change and innovate at a rapid pace. From the benefits of optimization on media planning, advancements in live sports measurement, significant upgrades to media measurement via clean rooms, advanced audiences and new currency adoption (and everything in between), the VideoAmp Summit was home to thought leaders and industry veterans who took the stage to share their thoughts on where advertising and measurement is headed this year.

Unprecedented Precision: How Retail Data & Clean Rooms are Revolutionizing Video Planning and Measurement
Clean rooms are having a major moment- and for good reason. Our panel of industry experts delved into why the industry needs more flexible data solutions, and how a multi-party clean room approach leverages shopper data to move the needle for brands like PepsiCo. Discover how brands can leverage retail data to inform video planning and measurement here.

The Importance of Accuracy and Advanced Audiences
What’s at stake in relying on a legacy-based approach to currency? Upwards of $1billion, according to Jon Steinlauf. “We’re trading on 40,000 homes. America is made up of 330M people. If a multiplier is showing the median age of a TV network is 50, and another tells me the median age is 65, that 15 year spread is $1 billion plus potential ad revenue being lost”. Learn more from the insightful panel here.

New Currency Advancement and Adoption: Has the Industry Reached a Tipping Point?
When it comes to new currencies, Travis Scoles shares, “we’re there. Now the question is- how fast can we accelerate?” MediaHub, Horizon, Paramount and Fox shared what a multi-currency marketplace means for their organizations, and how it’s paving a new way forward. Tune in to hear from our visionary panelists about the power of the new ad economy here.

Measuring Live Events: How Do We Get It Right?
Live Events have long captivated mass audience viewership, and it’s become increasingly clear that accurate representation of viewership is critically important, inclusive of Cross-Platform viewing and OOH. In this panel, we go beyond the current state of sports measurement, and hear from thought leaders on where Measurements Next Frontier will take us next. Tune in to glean actionable insights from our expert panelists here.

Cut Waste, Not Dollars: How Automation Makes Media Work Smarter
Making current or future advertising decisions based on post-campaign data is not only inefficient, but wasteful. Brad Feinberg of Molson Coors shares how media optimization enables his team to get back to focusing on “high value work”, improving marketing effectiveness and make changes to their business. Don’t miss out on the insights shared by all of our esteemed panelists here.