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Begin With Better Data, End With The Best Results.

Ad measurement has become increasingly complex, between viewer fragmentation and increasing privacy regulations. VALIDTM offers a better path forward.

TV viewership data

Understand who you reached, how many times and where.

Identity graph

Reach your most valuable audiences across screens.

Clean room

Connect online and offline datasets without exposing sensitive information to any party.

Yes, You Can Have It All.

Get the Highest Quality Dataset at Scale.
VideoAmp is leading the industry with a rigorous commingling methodology that brings together Set-Top-Box (STB) and Smart TV data.






We correct for biases and gaps in coverage often seen in a single source, delivering precise measurement across traditional broadcast and streaming viewership.


We capture viewership data at granular levels, giving you the full story you need to get credit for every impression.


Our dataset offers a holistic view of advanced audience viewership and hard-to-reach demos, including Hispanic, Black, and younger age brackets.

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Solving for Media’s Identity Crisis.

VideoAmp’s proprietary Commingled Identity Graph ushers in an era of precision targeting, measurement success, and advanced media currency.

You pay a lot to target specific audiences, don’t you want to actually reach them?


We unlock accuracy and scale for targeting and measurement by combining best-in-class identity assets from high-quality consumer data providers.


Say goodbye to diluted audience data. Our Identity Graph serves as a single, enduring source of truth throughout the consumer journey.


Advertisers and publishers get greater assurance that they are reaching the right audiences across platforms, reducing waste.

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Privacy, Please.

We’re not just following trends; we’re setting them with a breakthrough in privacy-first data sharing that reshapes the advertising landscape from start to finish.

Rest easy knowing that we practice safe measurement.


We deliver measurement based on high-quality advertiser and publisher datasets without compromising privacy.


We partner with leading publishers to deliver cross-platform audience and attribution measurement via our clean room.

Future Proof

Our clean room is purpose-built to withstand the phaseout of legacy identifiers. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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