Plan. Optimize. Revolutionize.

Reach the right people. At the ideal frequency. Across screens. The future of your advertising is brighter when you stop living in the past.

Transform Your Cross Platform Media Strategies.

Infuse data and automation into the campaign planning and optimization process, turning prescriptive insights into actionable forward-looking strategies.

In-Flight Insights

Use our data-driven insights to refine your campaigns on the fly, so you can connect more effectively with your most valuable audiences.

Smarter Video Plans

Receive budget recommendations by network, daypart, program and platform to efficiently reach audiences using VideoAmp’s currency-grade data.

Advanced Audiences

Combine VideoAmp’s unparalleled TV viewership data with first or third-party datasets to reach advanced audiences at the optimal frequency across screens.

Game-Changing Solutions


Video Plan Optimization

Build media plans in minutes that efficiently reach your target audiences across screens.


Content Viewership Insights

Discover what key audiences are watching to develop data-driven media strategies.


Reach Extension

Engage new audiences in digital that weren’t exposed to ads on linear TV.


Frequency Management

Reach audiences at the optimal frequency to efficiently move them down the funnel.


Competitive Conquesting

Increase share of voice by reaching qualified audiences exposed to your competitors’ ads.


Competitive Whitespace

Gain an edge by reaching valuable audiences not exposed to competitors' ads.


TV Viewership Segments

Customize audiences based on the networks, programs and genres they watch.


TV Moments

Amplify your brand's voice by reaching target audiences around key tentpole events.


Advanced Audience Optimization

Reach qualified audiences that combine first party data with VideoAmp viewership data.

“We’ve started converting most of our campaigns over to advanced planning and with the help of VideoAmp, we actually are seeing for our first quarter campaigns a significant impact in reach, up 20%, and decreased CPMs, 10%. "

Katie Haniffy | Head of Media Strategy + Investment | PepsiCo Beverages North America