Web Form

WEB FORM (for requests made by California residents pursuant to CCPA and for requests made by residents of other states)

The process VideoAmp currently uses to verify and process requests by a California resident under CCPA and requests by residents of other states requires us to recognize the requestor’s VideoAmp cookie ID (and if one cannot be found, to place a VideoAmp cookie ID onto the requestor’s browser). We do this when the requestor visits this web form. In addition, please note that such process also entails a service provider to recognize or place its cookie ID on the requestor’s browser when visiting this web form; such service provider may use the information it collects during performance of this service (which collected information consists only of Identifiers (cookie IDs)) only on our behalf in connection with this process.  We use the information that we collect from the requestor to verify and process the request only in connection with such purposes and for security and/or fraud-prevention purposes. More information on our process regarding CCPA requests can be found on our CCPA webpage, which the requestor can access by clicking the following link: Consumer Rights under CCPA

Further, we will also need the following information from you, the requestor, in order to verify and process your request. Please read the instructions below and include your response.

If you have any questions, please email us at CCPAPrivacy@videoamp.com.

If you would like to opt out of targeted advertising, please see VideoAmp’s privacy policy, which addresses this matter.

You can also find VideoAmp’s Consumer Rights under CCPA by clicking the following link: Consumer Rights under CCPA.  If you are making this request pursuant to CCPA, then VideoAmp will maintain records of your request(s) as well as how we responded to such request(s) in accordance with CCPA.

You may receive from VideoAmp a separate response for each of your requests made as provided above.