Measurement. Currency.
Crazy Effective.

Waste less or sell more? Get both. Move beyond siloed measurement and connect traditional TV, streaming and digital for a clear view of audiences and business outcomes.

Great Data and Smart Humans Coming Together.

Cookie-cutter doesn’t fly around here. Get prescriptive measurement and insights tailored to your business, so you can make better decisions about your media to drive better results.

Cross-Platform Measurement

Capture linear TV, streaming and digital media in a holistic performance view, so you can maximize both impact and reach across channels.

Precise Advanced Audiences

Move beyond basic demographics and combine first party and third party data into winning audiences that you can actually measure.

Tangible Business Outcomes

See exactly what’s working, so you can keep working it. Link advertising directly to actual business outcomes with precise attribution insights at your fingertips.

Let The Numbers Do The Talking


TV, Streaming and Digital Publishers have Certified VideoAmp Advanced Measurement


Increase in Total Conversions from Advertiser Campaigns Guaranteed on Advanced Audiences with VideoAmp


Brands have Adopted VideoAmp Advanced Currency and Measurement

Game-Changing Insights


Reach & Frequency

Understand precisely who you reached, how many times and where.


Audience Overlap

Uncover overlap across channels and partners to drive efficiency.


Incremental Reach

Identify the unique audience reach your digital partners deliver to linear TV.


Attributed Conversions

Connect your ad campaigns to tangible business outcomes, online or offline.


Cross-Platform Analysis

Find the sweet spot across linear and digital for maximum impact.


Media Efficiencies

Determine which tactics are most efficiently driving reach and conversions.


High-Value Audiences

Discover audiences that are converting most frequently after seeing an ad.


Return on Ad Spend

Evaluate the value generated from advertising for each dollar spent.


Competitive Insights

Analyze how competitors reach your target audiences so you can gain an edge.

“We landed on VideoAmp as a key partner to work with on advanced audiences and a lot of that had to do with the scalability of your data, the stability of the data, the diversity of the audiences…we've seen up to 30% CPM efficiencies.”

Maureen Bosetti | Chief Investment Officer | IPG Mediabrands

A Few of the Partners Shaping the Future of Measurement with Us