May 18 2023
Thought Leadership

Alternative Currencies Disrupt Legacy in 2023 Upfronts

As the industry watches the highly anticipated TV upfronts season unfold, VideoAmp is driving the paradigm shift in television advertising through the adoption of alternative currencies. With our esteemed partnerships, robust track record, and proven impact demonstrated through case studies, we are confident that advertisers are now poised to fully embrace this transformative approach. The era of legacy currencies is coming to an end, and the future belongs to alternative measurement systems that offer accurate and comprehensive audience insights. At VideoAmp, we are excited to lead the way toward a more efficient, data-driven, and successful TV advertising ecosystem.

To illustrate the real impact of alternative, cross-screen measurement and currency systems, VideoAmp has undertaken 12 comprehensive case studies. Our focus has been on substantiating claims with tangible evidence. These studies demonstrate that using VideoAmp currency over legacy currency consistently yields higher sales lift, resulting in conversion upticks ranging from 10% to 30%. We are proud to showcase these compelling results, which directly tie back to what matters most to advertisers—their bottom line.

VideoAmp Founder & CEO, Ross McCray, shares his thoughts with BeetTV on how alternative currencies are changing the way advertisers drive value from their media investments- and what changes we should expect to see in the immediate future.