Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Commitment

VideoAmp (the “Company,” “we,” “us,” “our”) provides advertising related products and services to advertisers/brands, advertising agencies, publishers and other customers (“Customers”) to enable Customers to display, deliver, measure, analyze, and optimize the effectiveness of advertising displayed on websites, apps, game consoles and smart TV’s and other internet-connected video display units (“Company Offerings”).

This Privacy Policy describes our collection, use, disclosure and processing of personal information about:

  • consumers, in relation to providing the Company Offerings to our Customers; 
  • Visitors to our website at (the “Website”) or who have otherwise expressed interest in the Company Offerings; and 
  • Customers, including representatives of our commercial Customers, who access our Customer-facing portals and dashboards (including to access the Company Offerings) or otherwise interact with us (the “Services”, and together with the “Website”, the “Sites”).

This Privacy Policy also explains privacy rights available to these individuals in relation to these processing activities.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to first party information collected about you by or on behalf of VideoAmp Customers, data providers, or licensors outside of the Company Offerings or Sites. Those companies are responsible for their own information collection practices, including describing what is collected by what means, and how it is used and disclosed.

This Privacy Policy answers the following questions:

If you would like to opt out of targeted advertising (also referred to as interest-based advertising), please see “What Choices Do You Have about the Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Information by VideoAmp?” below. If you are a resident of California or certain other U.S. states, please click here for more information about how we handle your personal information and how to exercise privacy rights that may be available to you.

How Do We Collect and Use Information As Part of Providing the Company Offerings?

How We Collect Information about consumers directly through the Company Offerings

We collect and receive information directly through the Company Offerings when Users interact with websites, apps, and online services operated by, or view targeted ads from, our Customers and business partners, including on publisher sites and devices such as Internet-connected TVs. The types of information that we collect and receive about Users directly through the Company Offerings include:


“Cookies” are small bits of electronic information that a website sends to a visitor’s browser and are stored on the visitor’s hard drive. We may place or recognize a cookie on your device if you visit a website or view an advertisement where the Company Offerings are used, including on publisher sites. If you are concerned about having cookies on your device, you can set your device’s browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being set, allowing you to decide whether to accept it. You can also delete cookies from your computer. However, if you choose to block or delete cookies, certain features of the websites you visit may not operate correctly.

Pixel Tags.

“Pixel tags” (also known as “web beacons” or “clear gifs”) are electronic files that usually consist of a single-pixel image and can be embedded in a web page or in an ad or email to transmit information. The Company pixel is designed to capture impression or conversion events across web, app, and OTT environments (including on Internet-connected TVs) for video and display creatives. When our customers use our pixel for reach and frequency or attribution reporting, the pixel captures information including identifiers of the consumer’s viewing device and other personal information.

Application Software Development Kits (SDKs).

An application SDK is a set of code that can be embedded directly within an application on a mobile phone, computer, or other device. We may collect information through an SDK that is embedded in our Customers’ apps that use the Company Offerings.

Server-to-Server Connections.

We may send or receive information from our Customers or business partners through a server-to-server connection. Server-to-server connections allow companies to transfer information directly between each other. In this context, we may send or receive information using a third-party or our own first-party Application Programming Interface “API.”

Batch File Transfers.

We also may use a batch file transfer to send and receive information directly with our Customers or business partners.

Third Parties.

Finally, VideoAmp may also receive or be provided access to personal information by third parties on behalf of a Customer or business partner.

Information We Collect Directly through the Company Offerings

Depending on what products and services are used, the types of information that we collect and receive about consumers directly through the Company Offerings may include:

  • Name, email address, phone number and address;
  • Internet Protocol (IP) host address;
  • Pages viewed;
  • Information about apps used;
  • Browser type;
  • Internet browsing and usage habits;
  • Internet Service Provider;
  • Domain name;
  • Time/date of visit to a website, app, or online service where the Company Offerings are used to deliver ads;
  • Whether the consumer responded to one of our Customers’ ads;
  • The referring URL;
  • Clickstream data;
  • Operating system of the consumer’s computer or device;
  • Location information, received or inferred, including from exchanges or their IP address, which may or may not be precise;
  • Platform or operating system device identifiers, such as IDFA for iOS and Advertising ID for Android;
  • Device-specific IDs, such as IDs assigned to Internet-connected TVs or online streaming devices; and
  • Features used or activities engaged in within an app or online service.

Information We Receive from Data Providers and Licensors.

As part of providing our products and services, we combine information collected or received in connection with our Company Offerings, with information from third party data providers about content viewed on Internet-connected display units, such as smart TVs. This includes viewing history, such as the identity of the applicable broadcast, cable, or satellite television provider; programming, advertising, and other content viewed by the aggregated group or a specific device (including time, duration, date, channel, and whether the content was viewed live or at a later time); device identifiers of the applicable TV (such as OEID); and general location information such as zip code and location information derived from IP address. 

We create commingled data sets from multiple providers to transform source data into our proprietary company offering of “TV Viewership Data”. We augment such TV Viewership data with other information that we license from third party data providers, which may include information about demographics (including gender and ethnicity), age, location information, inferred interests, purchases, and information regarding the probability and nature of connections between devices (such as smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, and Internet-connected TVs) (together with TV Viewership Data, “Licensed Data”). 

We may, on behalf of our Customers, combine Licensed Data with the information that we collect about consumers directly through the Company Offerings, to enable our analytics and reporting (including measurement and attribution), identity resolution, segment creation and targeted advertising services, described in more detail in the section below. For instance, our Company Offerings may associate specific (precise) information about where ads or other content were viewed with other information about a consumer or devices. 

While the collection, use and disclosure practices of our third party data providers is governed by the privacy policies and legal terms of the provider that collected it (and is not governed by us or this Privacy Policy) we contractually require each of these providers to collect and provide us this information only in accordance with applicable laws and with all appropriate consents. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the third-party websites, mobile applications, TV viewing systems and operating systems, and other online services that you visit.

Information We Receive from Other Sources

We may receive information about you from third parties, such as public databases, marketing and advertising partners through our marketing efforts (e.g., leads, prospective client contact information, etc.), and other third party data providers, to enhance our ability to serve our Customers, to tailor and customize our content, offers and advertisements (including as viewed by consumers), and to enhance our Company Offerings and Services.

How We Use Information Collected in Connection with the Company Offerings

We use information that we collect and receive about consumers through the Company Offerings, in conjunction with our Licensed Data, to provide analytics and reporting, identity resolution, segment creation, and targeted advertising services and the Company Offerings to our Customers.

In particular, we use information about Users:

  • Establish connections among related web browsers and devices (such as smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles, and Internet-connected TVs) for the purpose of identity resolution services (i.e., recognizing different records as relating to the same household), targeted advertising, analytics and reporting purposes (“Cross-Device Linking”). For example, we may match a consumer’s browsers or devices if the consumer’s devices share similar attributes that support an inference that they are used by the same person or household. This means that information about a consumer’s activity on websites, apps, or online services on the consumer’s current browser or device may be combined and used with information collected from the consumer’s other browsers or devices. We may share device identifiers (such as cookie IDs, IDFA for iOS, Advertising ID for Android, and OEID for other online platforms and Internet-connected TVs) with our third-party service providers to help establish such connections;
  • Infer a particular consumer’s interests based on the consumer’s online activities over time and across unaffiliated websites, apps, Internet-connected TVs and other online services, including a consumer’s viewing behavior on Internet-connected TVs. For example, we may use information about content you have viewed (i.e., events, shows, games, movies, commercials), based on your device ID or other persistent identifier, to tailor advertisements to your inferred interests, including in web browsers on your computer or mobile devices or in apps on your mobile devices;
  • Create audience-segments for use by Customers, in order to optimize and deliver interest-based advertising using established device connections and inferred interests, such as to deliver an ad to a consumer on a website, app, Internet-connected TV, or other online service based on the consumer’s activities on an unaffiliated website, app, Internet-connected TV, or other online service, either on the consumer’s current device or on other devices that are linked to a consumer’s current device. For example, we may use the data obtained from Company Offerings on a Customer’s website to create audience segments for the Customer’s targeted advertising campaign. 
  • Provide measurement, attribution, impression, ad delivery and other reporting or analytics services to our Customers, such as logging of page views or the collection of other data about a computer or device for the purpose of delivering ads or providing advertising-related services. For example, our Company Offerings help our Customers by providing a specific advertisement based on a particular type of browser or time of day, statistical reporting in connection with the activity on a website, app, or online service, analytics, optimization of location of ad placement, ad performance, reach and frequency metrics (e.g., frequency capping), security and fraud prevention, billing, and logging the number and type of ads served on a particular day to a particular website, app, or online service. Please note that we are not a publisher and do not ourselves display targeted advertising to consumers. Rather, as part of our ad delivery services we process and transfer data to advertising partners that deliver targeted advertising to consumers on behalf of our Customers;
  • Engage in operations and system management, including intellectual property protection, compliance, public purposes and consumer safety, authentication, verification, fraud prevention and security, and billing or product or service fulfillment, including improving Customer experience or ensuring a high quality of service; and
  • Engage in market research (such as the analysis of market segmentation or trends, consumer preferences and behaviors, research about consumers, products, or services) and to improve existing products or services or to develop new products or services).

How Do We Collect and Use Information Through Our Sites?

Information We Collect through Our Sites

We collect information about Website visitors and Customers (including representatives of our commercial Customers) who access our Services that can be used to identify and contact them. Customers need to submit personal information to access certain areas of the Services, including our Customer-facing portals and dashboards through which they access Company Offerings. While the above section describes our collection and use of information about consumers through the Company Offerings – including information that a Customer may share with us via the Services – the types of information that we collect and receive about Customers and website visitors through the Sites include:

  • Account and contact information, including name, email address, phone number, any password created by a Customer and information about the Customer’s business;
  • Information associated with creative, videos and other content provided by a Customer with respect to their use of the Company Offerings through the Services; and
  • Any other information that a Customer or Website visitor chooses to include in communications with us (including in relation to any customer or technical support, or a request to exercise a privacy right) or in using the Sites.

We and our third-party service providers also collect information automatically from Customers and other visitors to the Sites. This information may include browser type and version, the search engine used to find the Website (if any), which Company Offerings the Customer uses or accesses through the Services, and when and how long it is used for. We use this information to monitor and analyze how our Customers use the Services and how visitors use the Website, to provide customer service, and to maintain and improve our products and services, including the Sites and Company Offerings.

We and third-parties on our behalf may collect such information using tracking technologies such as cookies and pixel tags, which are described above. Like many websites, we may employ cookies in certain areas of the Sites to allow us to provide information to make the online experience more convenient, deliver ads targeted to your interests, measure usage and analyze trends. We also may use pixel tags on the Sites or in the emails that we send to Customers to determine whether a Customer has opened a particular email or used a particular area of the Services. In addition, our servers automatically record information that a Customer’s or Website visitor’s browser sends whenever they visit the Sites, including the information listed above.

We use information that we collect through our Sites:

  • To fulfill the terms of any agreement a Customer has with us and complete transactions that a Customer initiates;
  • To send administrative messages and other general announcements, to respond to Customer requests to perform an activity in connection with a Customer’s use of any part of the Services, or otherwise to contact Customers when necessary;
  • To send promotional emails that will alert existing and potential Customers of new services, features, or enhancements to the Company Offerings or Services. Although we hope you will find our promotional emails of interest, you may opt out of receiving them by following the “unsubscribe” instructions included at the bottom of each commercial email message;
  • To request feedback and handle customer service questions or issues, and to respond to requests to exercise privacy rights by Website visitors and Customers;
  • To keep track of our Customers’ interactions with us, including but not limited to their interactions with the Company Offerings and activity within the Services, and to improve our Customers’ user experience and the quality of the Company Offerings and Services;
  • To analyze information in aggregate form or where the data has or will within a reasonable period of time from collection go through a de-identification process involving reasonable steps to ensure that the data cannot reasonably be re-associated or connected to an individual or be connected to or associated with a particular computer or device (“De-Identified Data”). For example, we may use information that we have collected in a manner such that the end-product does not personally identify any Customer. We may alter personal information by either aggregating it with information, including information about other Customers, or by de-identifying the personal information; 
  • To engage in operations and system management, including intellectual property protection, compliance, public purposes and consumer safety, authentication, verification, fraud prevention and security, and billing or product or service fulfillment;
  • For internal purposes such as administering the Sites and Company Offerings, improving and customizing the Sites and Company Offerings, helping us understand and analyze how the Sites and Company Offerings are being used, tracking aggregate usage of the Sites and Company Offerings, and creating new products and services or improving existing products or services. For example, we use Google Analytics to help collect and analyze certain information for the purposes discussed above. For more information about how Google Analytics collects and processes data, please click here. You may opt out of the use of cookies by Google Analytics here; and
  • To reach visitors to the Website and Customers elsewhere on the Internet with targeted advertising, such as retargeting. To opt out please visit

How Do We Disclose Information to Third Parties?

Disclosure of Information

We may disclose the information that we collect under the following circumstances:

  • Service Providers. We share personal information with service providers who process information on our or our Customers’ behalf. For example, we may partner with other companies to process payments for the Company Offerings, to perform marketing, advertising and measurement services or other business operations for us. Additionally, we may use other companies to process, analyze, and/or store data, provide analytics, cloud storage, security and other IT services. While providing services for us, these companies may access personal information about our Customers as well as consumers.
  • Customers. We may share information with our Customers (e.g., advertisers; agencies; publishers, publishers of video content; and their ad tech, marketing, and other vendors, etc.) so they may combine it with their own datasets in order to execute specific use cases that are consistent with the licenses we have with the applicable third party data providers.
  • Business Partners. The information we collect from our Customers, including information collected through our Company Offerings, may be shared with our business partners who help us provide the Company Offerings, including advertising partners (such as real-time bidding platforms and ad networks) and other third party advertising companies for the purpose of enabling interest-based advertising or targeted advertising on behalf of our Customers (e.g. web, connected TV, mobile applications, and other digital media services). We may also share TV Viewership Data metrics with our business partners when VideoAmp is acting as a currency provider. 
  • Aggregate information. We may also use personal information to provide analysis of our Customers or consumers in the aggregate (including in the form of De-Identified Data), which we may disclose to prospective partners, Customers, and other third parties consistent with this Privacy Policy.
  • Video content. We share the links to video content uploaded by our Customers with our publisher network.
  • Protection of rights and other legal purposes. We will use, share or preserve your information if we have a good faith belief that such action is (i) reasonably necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, such as a court order or subpoena, or a request by law enforcement or governmental authorities, (ii) appropriate to enforce our Terms of Use for the Company Offerings or Sites, including any investigation of potential violations thereof, or defend against legal claims, (iii) necessary to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues associated with the Company Offerings or Sites, or (iv) appropriate to protect the rights, property or safety of the Company, its employees, Customers, Website visitors or others.
  • Business transfers. If we become involved in a merger, acquisition or other business transaction involving the sale of some or all of the Company’s assets, information that we collect, including information collected from or on behalf of our Customers through their use of the Company Offerings, could be included in the transferred assets. Should such an event occur, we will use reasonable means to notify our Customers through email and/or a prominent notice on the Sites.

Additional Information You Should Know About Third Parties

This Privacy Policy does not cover the information practices of third-party websites linked to the Sites or accessible through the Services. This Privacy Policy also does not cover the data practices of our Customers, websites and other online services that may contain the Company Offerings, or other third parties, such as our business partners and third party data providers and licensors. We are not responsible for their collection, use and disclosure of your information, or the practices of other third parties or third party websites. Consumers should instead refer to the privacy policies and statements of those companies or websites for more information about their information collection, use, and disclosure policies.

When you have clicked on a third-party logo or URL displayed on our Website or accessible through the Services which links you to a different website, our Privacy Policy no longer applies and you must read the privacy policy of the third party to see how your Information will be handled on their website.

What Choices Do You Have about the Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Information by VideoAmp?

Depending on where you live, you may have certain privacy rights available to you in addition to those set out below. Please click here for more information.

Opt-Out of Targeted Advertising

Consumers may “opt out” of VideoAmp’s processing of information for targeted advertising purposes, including the use of information for interest-based advertising and Cross-Device Linking. In addition, visitors to our Website and Customers may also “opt out” of the processing of information for targeted advertising by third parties on our behalf. Instructions for opting out in web browsers, mobile applications, and other online services are set out below. Please note the following when opting out:

  • The opt-outs will apply to the specific browser or device from which you opt out, and therefore you will need to opt out separately for each hardware device and web browser software you use and on which you want to be opted out.
  • Opting out of interest-based advertising does not block advertisements from displaying on websites, apps, or online services you visit; opting out will only stop advertisements tailored to your interests.
  • Opting out in web browsers requires a cookie to be placed in your browser so that we know that you have chosen to opt out of this service. This cookie must exist for the entire duration in which you wish to be opted out. Clearing this cookie from your browser or preventing the ability for the cookie to be created will opt you in for interest-based advertising. For a more persistent opt-out, please use the DAA’s “Protect My Choices” tool available at
  • Like many websites, our Sites are not designed to respond to “Do Not Track” signals received from browsers. To learn more about “Do Not Track” signals, you can visit

Opt out in web browsers

If you would like to opt out or our processing of information for targeted advertising purposes in your web browser, please click one or both of the “Opt Out” options below. Note that opting out to one will not opt you out to the other. VideoAmp adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and related guidance. For more information about interest-based advertising in general and how to opt out in web browsers, please visit the DAA opt-out page available at

  • Opt Out for VideoAmp’s own data collection available at here.
  • Opt out for VideoAmp’s (and other companies’) data collection via the DAA’s opt out tool here.

Opt out in mobile applications

VideoAmp treats the “Limit Ad Tracking” signals sent from Apple and Android mobile operating systems as an opt-out for that particular device and will not use information collected from that device in mobile applications for interest-based advertising and Cross-Device Linking purposes. This opt out will apply to mobile data collection by VideoAmp itself and via its third party service provider. To adjust settings on your mobile device, visit:

  • iOS: Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking
  • Android: Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of interest-based ads

Opt out in other online services

Some of our third-party partners may provide you with additional choices to opt out of targeted advertising. For example, your cable or satellite TV provider or the manufacturer of your Internet-connected TV or online streaming device may allow you to control your advertising preferences through your account settings or the settings on your device. Similarly, our data providers and Customers may also provide you with additional choices. Please review the privacy policies of the third-party services you use for more information.

Customers’ Control of their Personal Information

Customers may update or delete personal information associated with a commercial or user account or modify their account preferences for the Company Offerings by accessing the relevant account interface in the Services. Please note that when Customers delete their accounts, we may retain account information for a reasonable period of time afterward for the purpose of internal account management and fraud prevention activities.

If you would like to opt out of receiving promotional emails from VideoAmp, please follow the “unsubscribe” instructions included at the bottom of each commercial email message.

What Security Measures Do We Take to Safeguard the Information That We Collect?

The Company uses commercially reasonable physical, electronic, and administrative security measures that are designed to protect the security, integrity, and privacy of information that we collect. However, no server, computer, communications network or system, or data transmission over the Internet, can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect information about Customers and consumers, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us or through the use of the Sites or any of the Company Offerings. You acknowledge and agree that you provide such information and engage in such transmissions at your own risk. Once we receive a transmission from you, we will endeavor to maintain its security on our systems.

What Other Important Information Should You Know?

Retention of Information

We retain information as long as we have an ongoing legitimate business need to do so, such as to provide the Company Offerings to our Customers, or as otherwise required by law.

Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13, or allow them to create an account for the Services. If we become aware that we have unknowingly collected information from a child under 13 through the Sites, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to delete such information from our systems.

Notification of Changes

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time and we will post all changes on the Website. The Last Modified date posted below indicates the effective date of the most recent revision of this Privacy Policy. If we make material changes to the way we use information we collect, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you and will take additional steps as required by applicable law. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy periodically.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

VideoAmp, Inc.
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12121 Bluff Creek Drive Suite 150
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You can also send us an email at