May 11 2023
Thought Leadership

Better Data, Better Outcomes. Business Results

Every year, tech providers that power advertising investments make a promise to the industry- to pump the brakes on the acronyms and make it make sense. While valiant efforts have been made with cliff’s notes and TL;DRs, the educational gap still exists when we want to understand the how. How are the solutions promised delivering value to advertisers, saving money for brands, and making investments work smarter, and harder? We’d be nowhere without data, so let’s start there.

In order for any algorithm, platform or software to work, the data that powers it must be trusted, accurate and representative. As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. For advertisers who depend on data to understand how their advertising investments are driving revenue, having a dataset that provides holistic insights for campaign planning and optimization is key. The good news? VideoAmp’s Analytics Enablement solution is built on this type of quality data, pairing TV Data feeds with optimization tools that give clients real-time solutions to get the most out of their campaign.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Brands like Papa John’s have discovered the power of better data and how to best implement it within their marketing strategy. Chris Hawk, Director, Media Strategy & Investment at Papa Johns, sat down with VideoAmp to discuss how leveraging this data is a foundational piece to operating outside of traditional siloes.


Once you’ve got the data and insights that provide a holistic view of your audience, it’s time to put them to work. Optimizing where you’ve allocated your budgets means ensuring that you’re following the trends of what your consumer is responsive to, and acting on (business outcomes, anyone?). The technology that powers media optimization has evolved tremendously, adding automation and removing the friction that once prohibited doing this type of work at speed. What advertisers need to know is that they can now easily plan, monitor and optimize media plans through all stages of the campaign lifecycle- all in one place.

Sounds fairly simple, right? VideoAmp’s Analytics Enablement solution is powered by our TV data feeds offering, and complemented by our media optimization tool. Leveraging a commingled dataset spanning 39M households and 63M devices, advertisers can be confident that whether they’re using MMM or other analytics models, they’re getting the most out of their media investments from one unified solution.