May 09 2023
Thought Leadership

Identity Resolution: Why It’s Crucial for Cross-Platform Audience Measurement

As more people turn to digital gadgets like mobile phones, smart TVs, and streaming devices to consume media, the traditional methods of measuring audiences have been disrupted. To ensure that advertisers and media companies aren’t overcounting or undercounting audiences, identity resolution has become a necessary component of cross-platform audience measurement. In a recent interview with Beet.TV, Josh Chasin, our Chief Measurability Officer, discusses the importance of identity resolution in today’s digital landscape.

Chasin explains that identity is the core grounding component of cross-platform measurement and that without it, big data audience measurements are impossible. In the past, measurement companies would gather identifying information about participants in research panels and project their behavior to the general population. However, with the rise of “big data” containing more than just a name and address, procedures have changed. Some data sets have years of viewing histories for millions of people collected from streaming devices or set-top boxes, making identity resolution vital to using this data.

In order to achieve accurate identity resolution, measurement companies need to link device-level data from different sources to a central system, allowing them to track users across different platforms and devices. While there are challenges such as data privacy and transparency, VideoAmp has made significant progress in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), which protect user privacy while enabling cross-platform measurement. Our PET solutions are revolutionizing cross-platform measurement while putting user privacy first as outlined in our cleanroom announcement featuring Disney Advertising here

In conclusion, collaboration across the industry can establish a standardized approach to identity resolution. Identity resolution plays a critical role in cross-platform audience measurement and will continue to be a significant factor in the success of digital advertising as the industry evolves.

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