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Featured Case Studies

General Motors, Carat and Paramount Drive Efficiencies and Outcomes Across Platforms with New Currencies

The network and agency, in partnership with General Motors, defined an advanced Chevrolet audience utilizing Carat’s agency network proprietary data and identity platform, M1, expressed as OpenIDs in partnership with OpenAP, that enabled cross- platform measurement. Using this approach, VideoAmp provided attribution measurement to measure campaign effectiveness. The Carat team planned against the M1 audience in DELTA, their Advanced TV product powered by VideoAmp’s cross-platform measurement and currency-grade viewership dataset, while Paramount activated the M1 audience in Vantage to optimize and guarantee total reach across platforms.

Duracell Powers Advertising Efficiencies Across Platforms

As the leader in the primary battery market in North America, Duracell products are at the heart of devices that connect, protect, and simplify the lives of their consumers. Since its inception in the early 1940s, the company has become an iconic personal power brand, trusted for compact and longer-lasting batteries.

In partnership with their advertising agency, Mediacom, Duracell needed an infrastructure that could more strategically uncover ways to optimize their media spend across channels. VideoAmp worked with the brand to create a hybrid solution that satisfied two needs: capture market share by identifying audiences beyond age and gender to reach incrementally, and create a measurement baseline to test the efficacy of multiple strategies within the VideoAmp platform.

Jack in the Box Answers the Cravings Call with Local Measurement

In a crowded QSR market of competitors replicating each other’s successes, Jack in the Box knows who they are, and really lean into it. As one of the nation’s top fast-food burger chains with over 2,200 quick-serve restaurants in the U.S. and Guam, Jack in the Box is the convenience their consumers look for when cravings hit, offering one of the largest and most distinctive menus in the quick-serve restaurant space.

In partnership with their agency, Carat, Jack in the Box wanted to better understand the effectiveness of their media investment across channels, screens, markets and partners on both a national and local level. The campaign strategically delivered custom creatives to local markets to more closely align with the brand’s intended audiences while they game, hang, or do their thang. In order to gather a more detailed look at how these markets were performing, and how the brand could scale their success on a national level, the team partnered with VideoAmp to utilize a custom local measurement report.

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