Apr 13 2023
Client Testimonials, Agency Testimonial - 3 MINS

Client Testimonial: Alexander Potts at Tombras


We sat down with Alexander Potts, SVP Programmatic & Media Lead at Tombras, to discuss how the agency acts as champions of efficiency for their brand clients, and what changes he’s excited about in the advertising industry.

“Being able to plan better, target better and measure better allows our clients to have much greater outputs and effectiveness for their business”

Alexander Potts

SVP Programmatic & Media Lead

Hear more from Alexander about:

  • The importance of an end-to-end solution that serves both the agency and their brand clients, specifically how to leverage tools and technology to drive client success.
  • How Tombras is utilizing optimization solutions to spend less time on things that can be automated, and more time being thought leaders for their clients.
  • An omni-video approach to measurement that can drive greater scale and effectiveness, beyond optimizing CTV from digital, but linear as well.
  • Redefining what value means for key stakeholders, and what clients are really asking for when it comes to marketing output- especially how that translates into driving business efficiencies. 

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