Case Study

General Motors, Carat and Paramount Drive Efficiencies and Outcomes Across Platforms with New Currencies

The Setup

As advertisers look towards a future of more actionable outcomes, networks and agencies are taking more innovative approaches to meet this goal. Paramount and Carat have been at the forefront of these industry changes by exploring, piloting and building solutions to demonstrate the advancement of advertising with new currencies across platforms.

The network and agency, in partnership with General Motors, defined an advanced Chevrolet audience utilizing Carat’s agency network proprietary data and identity platform, M1, expressed as OpenIDs in partnership with OpenAP, that enabled cross- platform measurement. Using this approach, VideoAmp provided attribution measurement to measure campaign effectiveness. The Carat team planned against the M1 audience in DELTA, their Advanced TV product powered by VideoAmp’s cross-platform measurement and currency-grade viewership dataset, while Paramount activated the M1 audience in Vantage to optimize and guarantee total reach across platforms.

In partnership with these stakeholders, VideoAmp served as a measurement dataset to facilitate a transparent and guaranteed transaction across network, agency and advertiser.

“Our partnerships with Chevrolet, Carat, OpenAP and VideoAmp enabled us to demonstrate the ‘why’ behind the industry push for new currency. By leveraging consistency in data and audience, from planning to activation to measurement, we have shown the positive impact to advertisers realized by leaning into innovation.

While these results are an exciting first proof point of the rationale to move beyond testing and into activation, we’re even more excited about the bevy of future results that will come from the acceleration in new currency adoption we’ve observed.”

Travis Scoles

SVP, Advanced Advertising at Paramount


  1. 01Create

    consistency in data, process and measurement, tied to an advanced audience across platforms.

  2. 02Optimize

    publisher, buyer and measurement workflows on a new currency across platforms.

  3. 03Carat

    to validate investment decisions during planning and execution phases, focusing on optimal channel and partner mix in order to maximize audience reach.

  4. 04Paramount

    to curate programming that attracts valuable, monetizable viewers, who are engaged and return frequently across multiple viewing platforms, and build advanced advertising products to maximize potential impressions and revenues.


  1. 01 Utilize

    DELTA and Carat’s M1 Advanced Audience Segments to outperform on conversions.

  2. 02 Maximize

    reach using a combination of linear and digital media via Paramount’s Vantage and EyeQ.

  3. 03 Leverage

    VideoAmp’s currency-grade measurement dataset to facilitate audience guarantees between all parties across platforms.



Digital audience households reached incremental to linear.


On-Target Percentage increase with the M1 Advanced Audience across Paramount properties.


A new currency.

General Motors, Carat and Paramount Drive Efficiencies and Outcomes Across Platforms with New Currencies