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Maximize inventory value and accurately measure impressions with a currency-grade dataset.

Content is King

Our currency-grade measurement dataset helps publishers assess and optimize content performance across platforms to increase inventory yield.

Platform Capabilities

Purpose-Built for Publishers

Audience Design

  • Create prescriptive audiences that tie first and third-party data to VideoAmp’s commingled TV viewership footprint.
  • Craft compelling ad sales and content strategies by evaluating performance against precise audiences.
  • Improve advertiser campaign results by leveraging the same advanced or demo audience to measure and optimize campaigns.

Targeting Audiences

  • Deploy custom segments that combine first or third party data with TV viewership data across owned properties.
  • Deliver incremental reach to linear TV by targeting unexposed audiences within streaming environments.
  • Optimize impressions throughout the campaign by activating advanced or demo audiences within the optimal frequency to convert.

TV Data Feeds

  • Leverage our proprietary commingled TV viewership dataset to perform in-house measurement, ad sales optimization and program research.
  • Match VideoAmp’s TV viewership data to other datasets at the ID level to obtain a holistic view of ad performance across your portfolio.
  • Benefit from a flexible and interoperable offering to answer your most critical business questions.

Audience Measurement

  • Bring traditional TV and streaming data together to assess content and ad performance across high-value audiences.
  • Identify cross-platform optimization opportunities to maximize audience reach at the optimal frequency for advertisers.
  • Optimize your programming strategy by evaluating content consumption and viewership trends across the TV landscape.

Outcome Measurement

  • Quantify the effectiveness of your cross-platform portfolio in driving business outcomes for advertisers.
  • Receive prescriptive conversion insights to inform ad sales and campaign optimization strategies.
  • Demonstrate the value of your inventory by attributing conversions to advertising campaigns.

How it works


Integrate our commingled TV viewership dataset into inventory planning, measurement and optimization workflows.


Enhance programming strategy to reach high-value audiences with precise content viewership insights.


Guarantee campaigns across demo or advanced audiences with our currency-grade cross-platform measurement dataset.

By leveraging consistency in data and audience, from planning to activation to measurement, we have shown the positive impact to advertisers realized by leaning into innovation. While these results are an exciting first proof point of the rationale to move beyond testing and into activation, we’re even more excited about the bevy of future results that will come from the acceleration in new currency adoption we’ve observed.

Travis Scoles

SVP, Advanced Advertising at Paramount

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