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Measure the entire customer journey and optimize channel and partner mix with one unified platform.

Make Measurement Actionable

Our measurement, planning and optimization platform helps agencies answer: Where did your money go? How did it perform? What should you do next?

Platform Capabilities

Purpose-Built for Agencies

Audience Design

  • Go beyond age and gender and build audiences with attributes such as purchase patterns, site visits, demographics and behaviors.
  • Combine first and third-party audience data with TV viewership data to create precise audiences for planning, measurement and optimization.
  • Leverage the same advanced audience throughout the campaign lifecycle to increase the value of advertising.

Digital Activation

  • Execute true cross-channel buys across traditionally siloed media channels by activating advanced audiences within premium digital-first environments.
  • Capitalize on the shift of viewership away from traditional TV towards streaming, and engage viewers across brand-safe, premium content to maximize investments.
  • Maximize reach, achieve optimal frequency or steal competitive share of voice through precise advanced audience targeting.

Targeting Audiences

  • Deploy custom segments within your digital platform of choice that combine first or third party data with TV viewership data.
  • Optimize impressions across screens by extending reach of target audiences within the optimal frequency to convert.
  • Transform insights into action throughout the campaign by activating segments based on campaign or competitive ad exposure.

Premium Video Planning

  • Make better investment decisions across channels. Powered by VideoAmp’s industry leading commingled TV viewership dataset.
  • Leverage VideoAmp’s direct digital publisher integrations to plan based on how you buy. Access these datasets with no setup required.

  • Define granular plan constraints at the tactic level to achieve your advertising goals. Design the optimal budget allocation to reach audiences most efficiently.

Audience Measurement

  • Bring the power of traditional TV, streaming, and digital data together to holistically measure and optimize media performance with prescriptive insights.
  • Shift tactics by understanding audience frequency distribution, spend levels and impression delivery to win competitive market share.
  • Guarantee advertising investments on high-value audiences across platforms.

Outcome Measurement

  • Capture the true impact of every ad exposure to inform in-flight or pre-campaign optimizations.
  • Quantify the effectiveness of advertising spend with attribution and return on ad spend insights.
  • Discover high-value audiences that convert most frequently as a result of ad exposure and attribute conversion credit to each touchpoint along the consumer journey.

How it works


Design an advanced audience and reach them using granular linear viewership and digital data.


Activate in premium environments and optimize in-flight to maximize cross-screen performance.


Measure performance with cross-screen analytics to properly inform investment levels.

Our partnership with VideoAmp has been very beneficial to MBuy and our clients. VideoAmp’s solutions deliver incremental reach for our campaigns and the level of service has been outstanding; from weekly business reviews to added value studies. VideoAmp is a true partner.

Mike Parent

SVP, Media Strategy & Operations at MBuy

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MBuy’s Strategic Partnership Drives Business Outcomes for Advertisers Across Channels

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