May 25 2023
Client Testimonials - 3 MINS

Client Testimonial: Katie Comerford at Horizon Next


Katie Comerford, EVP of Digital Strategy at Horizon Next, shared her thoughts with VideoAmp on the key components of a great partnership, and how those partnerships enable agency teams to reach their goals with a more unified, more personable approach.

“The analytics partnership that we have, talking to that team directly, really getting into the mechanics of it, so that when we sell it to our clients, they get it too and can trust the results we're seeing”

Katie Comerford

EVP of Digital Strategy

Watch the full video to learn more about:

  • How partners can go beyond a transactional relationship to support their agency clients, acting as a extension of their team with brands
  • The importance of data partnerships and how that information is leveraged to better unify measurement
  • The power of education among partners, working collaboratively to answer questions and solve problems along the way

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