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Increase return on ad spend and make measurement actionable with data-driven recommendations.

The Brand with a Plan

Our measurement and optimization platform helps brands answer: Where did your money go? How did it perform? What should you do next?

Platform Capabilities

Purpose-Built for Brands

Audience Design

  • Go beyond age and gender and build audiences with attributes such as purchase patterns, site visits, demographics and behaviors.
  • Combine first and third-party audience data with TV viewership data to create precise audiences for planning, measurement, and optimization.
  • Leverage the same advanced audience throughout the campaign lifecycle to increase the value of your advertising.

Media Optimization

  • Optimize to outcomes across channels by aggregating all measurement reports and touchpoints into a single view of performance.
  • Achieve superior outcomes with granular plan recommendations powered by predictive algorithms.
  • Monitor cross-channel performance in real-time against the forecasted plan to enable optimizations throughout the campaign life cycle.

Targeting Audiences

  • Deploy custom segments within your digital platform of choice that combine first or third-party data with TV viewership data.
  • Optimize impressions across screens by extending reach of target audiences within the optimal frequency to convert.
  • Transform insights into action throughout the campaign by activating segments based on campaign or competitive ad exposure.

Audience Measurement

  • Unify traditional TV, streaming, and digital data to holistically measure and optimize media performance with prescriptive insights.
  • Assess and identify share-shift opportunities to maximize audience reach at the optimal frequency across channels.
  • Deliver better campaign outcomes by leveraging Audience Measurement to guarantee cross-platform investments on high-value audiences.

Outcome Measurement

  • Capture the true impact of every ad your audience views to inform in-flight or pre-campaign optimizations.
  • Quantify the effectiveness of your advertising spend with attribution and return on ad spend insights.
  • Discover high-value audiences that convert most frequently as a result of ad exposure and attribute conversion credit to each touchpoint along the consumer journey.

Competitive Insights

  • Increase share of voice by understanding which competitors are most effectively reaching target audiences and identify share-shift opportunities.
  • Shift tactics by understanding competitor spend, reach and impression delivery against target audiences.
  • Identify whitespace opportunities to stay ahead of the competition and win market share.

How it works


Aggregate campaign and measurement data across channels including Linear TV, Streaming, Digital, Search and Social.


Create an optimized media plan based on predictive scenarios designed to maximize outcomes across any activation platform.


Measure performance with an always-on view of your investments, and optimize campaigns throughout the flight.

The greatest value VideoAmp provides are the insights and recommendations they share with us; they are easily digestible and immediately actionable for our team to make regular optimizations and improve performance.

Pablo Rayo

Media Director at Mediacom for Duracell

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