Dec 20 2022
Transformation Series

The Transformation Series: VideoAmp

A Look Back at 2022

For some, change is scary. At VideoAmp, we embrace it. From our perspective, with change comes opportunity. When we started the Transformation Blog Series in 2020, little did we know how much change and transformation was in store for all of us. Fast forward to 2022 and we’ve grown exponentially, accomplished some of our most ambitious goals and had a ton of fun doing it along the way. As we close out this transformative year, take a trip down memory lane with us.

WE GREW EXPONENTIALLY In 2022, we hired an incredible 228 new Vampers. We opened offices in Boulder, Chicago, and St. Pete, while giving our NYC and LA HQs a revamp. Part of our growth came with the acquisition of media optimization platform, Elsy, and in turn, a hub and team of legends in Singapore. 

With so many new faces, we established a new way of onboarding them, aptly called “The Way”, to educate, inspire and foster connections with new Vampers. And with all of that growth, we kept a focus on our well-being with a substantial number of Vampers participating in our physical, mental and financial wellness programs. Offering these resources, among many other initiatives, is a large part of why we were voted AdAge’s 2022 Best Place to Work, for the second year in a row. 

In addition to our workforce, we also grew our footprint with the integration of Comcast data in our commingled dataset to further enhance our cross-platform measurement solution. That’s a lot of growth. 

WE CRUSHED OUR GOALS  As the whole industry began to transform, we listened to our clients, figured things out, shipped solutions fast and created even more trust. 

At the top of 2022, we had currency trial announcements with WarnerMedia and Discovery. Not long after, announcements started transforming from trials to live currency agreements. With TelevisaUnivision, we put a spotlight on diverse audiences and the need for better representation. With Paramount, we saw what success looks like when VideoAmp is used as currency – like the results highlighted in this case study featuring our work with Paramount, Carat and OpenAP for GM.  

Among other collaborations, we integrated with Mediaocean to make it easier for our clients to use our data in the workflows they deal with most. We also rolled out our Second-by-Second TV Viewership Reporting to all clients, enabling publishers and advertisers to harness the power of VideoAmp’s commingled dataset to better understand ad and content performance. Like BET, who leveraged this reporting to uncover more granular insights for their 2022 BET Awards. 

We closed out the year with a major announcement on our cleanroom integration with Disney – an effort that will accelerate the innovation and transformation of the privacy, measurement and currency space. As Lisa Valentino, EVP of Client Solutions and Addressable Enablement at Disney Advertising put it: “Our new integration with VideoAmp marks material progress toward empowering marketers with innovative measurement validated by first-party data.”

WE MADE IT FUN When not overachieving, we let the good times roll.

We had a blast with our clients throughout the year, hosting them for experiences we hope they never forget. To name a few, we created premium experiences across CES, Coachella, Formula 1 Miami, Lollapalooza, the Cannes Lions Festival, and even had Ashanti turn up at our Ad Week After Dark Party.

In November, we held our annual company retreat, HMCMNG, in Miami where all Vampers were able to connect in person through content sessions, guest speakers, morning workouts, afternoon games by the pool and dinner parties with some dancing for good measure. 

The fun part is important to us, because we want to enjoy this wild ride and build the types of bonds that get us, our clients and partners through the challenging times. There are certainly challenges ahead of us as our goals are pretty ambitious: our mission is to increase the value of advertising by redefining how media is valued, bought and sold. That’s no easy task but with the team that made all of the above (and so much more) possible this year, we’re ready for anything. Bring it on 2023.