Dec 08 2022


Over the years we’ve made it a priority to bring Vampers together to create meaningful experiences with each other. Connection is at the core of all that we do. Whether through our wellness challenges or our various team off-sites, building a community in which everyone thrives is embedded into our culture. It should come as no surprise that this year’s HMCMNG, our annual opportunity for Vampers across the world to meet in person, was designed to help people connect in genuine ways while also providing an understanding of our purpose, mission and vision of our company – not only for the present day, but a 100 years from now. 

We hosted HMCMNG MMXXII in Miami at the Fontainebleau. For many Vampers, this was their first time coming together in person since we doubled in size over the course of the year. As we prepared, we knew it was important to design something that felt authentic to VideoAmp. 

Our Purpose, Mission & Vision

One of the highlights of HMCMNG this year was our ability to better understand the value Vampers create and the impact we have on our clients and their business. We heard from leaders about our company vision and strategy, while also diving deeper into the culture we want to create and the platform we want to provide for media buyers and sellers. “Amp Talks” provided us a quick glimpse into the day-to-day workings of fellow Vampers – what inspires them, what motivates them and what excites them. 

We also heard directly from clients. CEO of Subway, John Chidsey, spoke about what it means to build a brand and the role marketing plays in building a successful business. Caroline Proto, Senior Marketing Manager (Media) at EssilorLuxottica, detailed her experience working with VideoAmp, the value her and her team extract from our platform and our ability to innovate when we provide something to clients that’s never been done before (something that’s not new at VideoAmp!). We also had inspirational talks from Diana Nyad and Renee Elise Goldsberry, both of who shared their stories of overcoming adversity, challenging the status quo and being a part of something bigger than themselves. And so many others.

We also emphasized “Embracing Wellness” – a value that has been embedded in the DNA of our organization since day one. 

#EmbraceWellness With Our Wellness Challenge

When designing our HMCMNG Wellness Challenge, we wanted to ensure that no matter their fitness level, every Vamper felt they could participate in the challenge. Our point system was designed around building stronger in-person connections.  We did this by assigning a higher point value for workouts done along with a fellow Vamper, while also allowing individuals the ability to choose the types of workouts that were best for them. We also made it an option to  participate as part of a team or as  part of a “give back” program where workouts translated to money donated to a cause close to our hearts. 

The daily HIIT workouts and multiple yoga/pilates sessions that we’ve always offered played a huge part in bringing Vampers together for workouts throughout the week. We also  introduced boxing to our LA Vampers, and provided a gym stipend for anyone who could not participate in-person at one of our locations. We saw people take team meetings on the go while they went on a long walk together. We saw people in Chicago working out virtually with people in Singapore. Most importantly, we saw people connect that otherwise may not have had the chance and build meaningful relationships.

We wrapped our challenge with an in-person team battle (pictured above). In total we had over 200 Vampers participate, divided into 8 teams, across 15 locations (U.S. + international).

In addition to building connection, it was also important to give back to the Miami LGBTQIA+ community in the wake of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. In researching organizations, we knew whomever we partnered with needed to align with our purpose – ensuring people have access to: (1) media content – representation matters; (2) educational information – health advocacy and testing; and (3) independent thought – finding commonality in the uncommon by having tough conversations. 

That’s when we found PRISM | Florida, a local LGBTQIA+ organization that supports education and sexual health resources for youth in South Florida. As a result of those participating in the challenge for the “give back” portion, 250,000 minutes of activity accumulated over the course of our challenge $20,000 was donated to PRISM and the important work they’re doing in their community.

Our Team

Most importantly, Vampers walked away with a deeper connection to each other. While we continue to operate in a hybrid workplace, we see the importance of everyone having the ability to come together with purpose and sharing experiences that will bond us in a way that is invaluable. While we have operations in six key markets, we continue to be spread across the country and across the ocean. The in-person experiences we created allowed us to not only feel more connected as humans but also more connected to the organization and where we see ourselves in 10, 30 or 100 years.

2023 better be ready for VideoAmp – we’re making waves!

Watch the video recap of our week below: