Apr 19 2022
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VideoAmp Acquires Elsy

VideoAmp Automates Execution of Cross-Platform Campaigns with Acquisition of Elsy to Make Media Measurement More Actionable

With Elsy, VideoAmp will automate manual steps required to operationalize measurement and currency at scale. The Elsy platform will integrate with VideoAmp to algorithmically provide recommendations for media optimization throughout the campaign lifecycle, creating efficiency and increasing the value of advertising

Elsy is data and measurement agnostic, acting as a workflow automation and media optimization solution across all sources of media to better plan, monitor, and optimize campaigns holistically

New York, NY (April 19, 2022) – Software and data platform, VideoAmp, has acquired media investment optimization provider, Elsy, to further scale and accelerate adoption of its measurement and currency solution. Elsy boasts holistic and measurement agnostic platform integration capabilities, supercharging VideoAmp’s technology and proprietary software stack. The integration of Elsy technology within the VideoAmp platform will significantly reduce the amount of manual work required to effectively manage and execute complex cross-platform media campaigns to deliver business outcomes. 

Founded in 2015, the New York based company, Elsy, enables advertisers, agencies and publishers to algorithmically plan, monitor and optimize complex portfolios of investments throughout the entire campaign lifecycle across traditional TV, streaming video, digital, social, programmatic, search, retail media and ecommerce platforms. As a partner and measurement agnostic platform, Elsy puts technology and algorithms at the core of the media planning and optimization process to increase efficiency and generate sophisticated optimization recommendations that maximize business outcomes for clients at scale.

“Most analytics and planning solutions are disconnected and only look backwards, leaving users in the dark in regards to what they should do next. Elsy’s technology allows for all measurement reporting and touchpoints to be aggregated in one place for a truly holistic view of all media investments. Our tech then algorithmically generates tailored optimization recommendations, taking out guesswork and providing confidence that a user is making the smartest use of their media dollars to drive growth,” said Elsy CEO and Co-Founder, Laurent Colard, now SVP of Product at VideoAmp. “The level of data-driven insight and guidance generated for media professionals when we pair our technology and algorithms with VideoAmp’s current planning, optimization and measurement software is something the market has not previously had access to.”

Elsy reduces latency and time-consuming manual operations, while also eliminating the disconnect of measurement from day-to-day decisioning, taking guesswork out of the equation and providing a holistic understanding of a campaign in unprecedented ways. Elsy’s ability to make data-driven recommendations pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight are enabled by powerful foundational features that include:

  • Reporting: Powerful customizable reports to analyze and compare plans, and monitor campaign performance in near real-time relative to plans and forecasts
  • Algorithms: Leading-edge predictive and optimization algorithms that evaluate opportunity to spend, predict business impact; and optimize plans within user-defined budgets, guardrails and optimization goals
  • Datamart: Data ingestion, validation, integration and storage engine that pulls data from media platforms, attribution partners and business systems for ongoing tracking and recalibration
  • Knowledgebase: Proprietary classification of media platforms, partners and properties which fuels the Research module and informs algorithmic recommendations and optimization
  • Administration: Powerful configuration, user management and monitoring features

“We have spent years building a currency-grade measurement solution that our clients trust. However, improving the quality of cross-platform measurement is not the only problem the industry has been telling us they want VideoAmp to solve,” said CEO and Founder of VideoAmp, Ross McCray. “Clients want tools to plan, forecast, optimize and automate more of the manual steps it takes to operationalize VideoAmp measurement and currency at scale, and the Elsy acquisition does just that. We now have the opportunity to automate implementation of optimization decisions across all media platforms.

In addition to yielding efficiency gains, the unified platform facilitates leading brands, agencies and publishers to plan, optimize and measure advertising in a more integrated way that maximizes their investments across platforms and channels. The combination of VideoAmp and Elsy means customers will spend significantly less time logging into various systems and analyzing data in excel and have more time to make data-driven decisions on how to optimize and get more value from their advertising.


About VideoAmp
VideoAmp is a media measurement and optimization software company increasing the value of advertising by redefining how media is valued, bought and sold. Our platform automates advertising workflows, deduplicates audiences across traditional TV, streaming video, digital media and walled gardens, and connects media exposures to an advertiser’s sales. By unlocking new value for the entire ecosystem, our platform allows the world’s largest advertisers, agencies and publishers to align on VideoAmp’s independent measurement as a new media currency to transact against.

We are transforming a 100-year-old industry by powering a more effective three-way value exchange that results in increasing the return on media investment for advertisers, increasing revenue for publishers and providing a better viewing experience for consumers. VideoAmp is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices across the United States. 

To learn more, visit videoamp.com.

Source: Business Wire