Dec 01 2022
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Disney Advertising Accelerates Cross-Screen Measurement Through First-Of-Its-Kind Clean Room Integration With VideoAmp

Clean Room Momentum Magnified As Disney Marks One-Year Milestone of Industry-First, Privacy-Focused Technology For Advertisers

New York, New York – Dec. 1, 2022 – Disney Advertising is building momentum for marketers leveraging Clean Room technology through an advanced integration with VideoAmp, an advertising measurement, planning and optimization platform focused on redefining how media is valued, bought and sold.

After setting the stage for advertisers to activate first-party data at scale programmatically this summer using Clean Room technology, Disney is translating its audience-based innovation to drive deeper measurement and insights through a custom integration between its Audience Graph, Ad Exposure Log Files and VideoAmp’s proprietary  TV Viewership footprint  – powered by its first-to-market Clean Room capabilities.

This integration enables joint advertisers to facilitate a direct, audience-based match using first-party data from Disney’s Audience Graph, matched with VideoAmp’s currency-grade cross-platform measurement. Advertisers not only know they reached their key audience, but how precisely, while determining the optimal reach and frequency across Disney’s properties – all in a way that puts consumer privacy at the center of consideration.

“As viewership rapidly shifts to streaming and connected TV, clients are looking for a holistic understanding of audience across all touchpoints, and identity interoperability will be critical to deliver brands a comprehensive and consistent understanding of audience,” said Lisa Valentino, EVP of Client Solutions and Addressable Enablement, Disney Advertising. “Clients want to know how their media investments translate into real results and performance, and options in measurement based on the unique needs of their business across all categories. Our new integration with VideoAmp marks material progress toward empowering marketers with innovative measurement validated by first-party data.”

At a time when advertisers and agencies seek solutions that leverage first-party data as opposed to pixels and cookies to determine business outcomes, Disney Advertising and VideoAmp will unlock measurement insights for advertisers in a purpose-built, privacy-focused way. 

“Together, we are enabling advertisers to plan, measure and transact across high-value advanced or demographic audiences and measure the true impact of their investments by connecting media performance to real business outcomes, using VideoAmp data and measurement as currency,” said Michael Parkes, President, VideoAmp.

Through the new integration, Disney Advertising and VideoAmp will:

  • Enable data interoperability for measurement in a privacy-first manner for joint clients.
  • Deliver holistic reach and frequency measurement across linear TV and Disney digital properties to create an accurate view of advertising performance and facilitate audience guarantees. 
  • Uncover prescriptive insights for advertisers across traditional age/gender demos, advanced audiences and business outcomes to drive media optimizations that maximize advertising ROI.

In one year since launching its industry-leading Clean Room technology, Disney Advertising has lit up 60+ advertiser engagements while simultaneously improving its speed of execution by less than one week so advertisers can plan, buy and measure in more real time. 

Disney Advertising and VideoAmp have begun initial brand tests in collaboration with Omnicom Media Group this quarter, as part of a continued commitment to redefine how media is valued, bought, and sold and ultimately – how it translates into proof of performance for advertisers.

“Omnicom Media Group has always been committed to interoperability within the video marketplace, and our collaboration with Disney and VideoAmp is a valuable example of how our commitment drives benefit for our clients. Through this integration, we can now match 1P, 2P and 3P audiences in our Omni marketing orchestration system and measure delivery across platforms with industry-leading precision enabled by Disney’s privacy forward clean-room capabilities, giving OMG clients unprecedented visibility into the totality of their cross-platform video performance,” said Geoffrey Calabrese, Chief Investment Officer, Omnicom Media Group North America.

The Disney collaboration further propels VideoAmp’s momentum across Measurement and Currency, driving deeper data interoperability and client privacy, allowing more brands to take advantage and drive higher ROI through their media investments.

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