TV Data Feeds

Take advantage of our commingled TV viewership data for measurement, attribution and segment creation in a privacy-compliant manner with TV Data Feeds. If you have your own in-house analytics practices, are comfortable using SQL to query from a database environment and have the resources to generate your own attribution models and reporting, this solution is tailor-made for you.

The Value


access to our extensive commingled TV viewership data, which can be tied to other datasets at the ID level to solve for a variety of use cases depending on your needs.


incremental reach, frequency and conversions driven across all channels.


from a more flexible and interoperable solution that enables you to perform analyses in-house.

As we embrace massive transformation across the pharmaceutical industry, Publicis Health Media is constantly exploring new technologies, capabilities and perspectives that enable us to deliver enhanced value for our clients. …VideoAmp’s commingled TV dataset combined with our proprietary solutions helps us achieve this by enabling planning and measuring against our audiences and optimizing client investment to patient outcomes.

Andrea Palmer

President, Publicis Health Media


Choose a data feed.

Our commingled TV viewership datasets can be used to solve for a wide variety of challenges within the media industry. We offer multiple data feeds, each with their own specific use cases included within the VideoAmp Offering Schedule, to ensure you meet your business needs.

Follow the requirements.

Once you select your data feed type, we’ll provide you with the custom requirements and you’ll quickly be on your way to leveraging our data.

Join datasets.

Either offering you choose will allow you to join our data with other datasets including conversions, viewability or other media channel metrics.

Benefit from our data.

With increased flexibility, you can start leveraging our extensive commingled TV viewership data to perform analyses in-house. We eliminate the hassle so you can get down to business.

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