UnitedHealthcare Encourages 3.5M+ Incremental Advanced Audiences to “Take Advantage”

The setup

Dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone, UnitedHealthcare serves millions of people from their earliest years through their working lives and retirement. The brand’s robust retirement programs, Medicare Advantage plans, connect patients to the care they need by offering help finding a doctor, getting a ride to appointments, or utilization of a 24/7 nurse hotline.

UnitedHealthcare and their agency, Horizon Next, leveraged VideoAmp’s advanced audiences combined with third-party data to generate awareness for and engagement with the brand’s “Take Advantage” program, encouraging those 65+ to take advantage of the benefits that come with Medicare. By leveraging VideoAmp’s commingled TV viewership data, UnitedHealthcare was able to better identify audiences most interested in learning about healthcare options available to them, and those who had previously viewed a competitor’s ad, delivering more relevant messaging to this target group and optimizing the brand’s investment more efficiently.

Ultimately, UnitedHealthcare was able to exceed their campaign goals, incrementally reaching over 3.5 million unique potential enrollees, increasing market share in the crowded healthcare marketplace.

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"Our advertising efforts focus on creating trust with our audiences, delivering the information they need to take control of their healthcare decisions. In reaching this goal, using advanced third party data to uncover niche audiences enables us to do just that."

Annie Tsang

Director, Digital Strategy & Planning, Horizon Next


  1. 01Increase

    education for UnitedHealthcare’s “Take Advantage” program, the benefits provided, and how the program differs from competitive options.

  2. 02Identify

    unique audiences interested in or currently enrolled in a Medicare plan, specifically Medicare Advantage, to consider UnitedHealthcare.

  3. 03Extend

    media investment to digital mediums as viewers migrate from traditional TV with complementary advertising experiences.


  1. 01 Create

    advanced audiences using VideoAmp’s commingled TV viewership data, combined with third-party health datasets to identify households who are currently enrolled in or will soon opt in to Medicare.

  2. 02 Capture

    market share in the health insurance industry by targeting individuals who have seen competitor’s linear ads across screens.

  3. 03 Maximize

    campaign reach and control for frequency across digital in-flight while exceeding performance KPIs at the unique user level.



Incremental Unique Users Reached


Video Completion Rate Increase