HERSHEY’S Campaign Hits the Sweet Spot with Cord Cutters and Saves $1.5M

The setup

HERSHEY’S wanted to drive awareness of their #NotSorry REESE’S campaign by targeting a new advanced audience to drive incremental reach while managing ad exposure frequency.

HERSHEY’S, in partnership with VideoAmp, helped scale REESE’S efforts across digital with data-driven insights, using historical linear performance and cross-screen measurement to unveil new audience attributes. HERSHEY’S discovered that the most effective way to reach their qualified audience of cord cutters ages 18–34 was to optimize toward OTT and mobile.

Ultimately, the REESE’S campaign was able to maximize incremental reach at a controlled average frequency of 2.3. To achieve equivalent reach on linear TV, however, HERSHEY’S would have had to spend an additional $1.84 million. By partnering with VideoAmp, HERSHEY’S successfully achieved their goals while executing at a fraction of their linear investment. In total, HERSHEY’S was able to save $1.5 million on their #NotSorry REESE’S campaign.

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As a business, we’ve been exploring ways of growing household penetration. In order to do so, we need to focus on incremental reach on top of our existing linear buys. In partnering with VideoAmp, we were able to target those who had been exposed to linear TV ads and grow subsequent reach by 6.4% during this campaign, allowing us to save $1.5M that would have been spent on linear TV to grow the same reach number.

Vinny Rinaldi

Head of Addressable Media and Technology at The Hershey Company


  1. 01Reach

    cord cutters ages 18–34 who have never seen the REESE’S linear TV ad spot.

  2. 02Gain

    incremental reach across digital at a controlled frequency of 2.

  3. 03Receive

    actionable insights to understand how to find and where to reach their desired audience.


  1. 01 Measure

    historical linear performance and discover new audience attributes to identify cord cutters ages 18–34 who never saw a REESE’S linear TV ad spot, and create additional suppression segments for those who had already been exposed.

  2. 02 Activate

    against the new advanced audience segments across digital, while excluding the suppression segments, to maximize campaign reach and manage frequency at the user level.

  3. 03 Deliver

    granular, data-driven insights highlighting the allocation of budget across tactics and advanced audiences to scale and diversify the campaign, decreasing cost per reach and increasing on-target incremental reach across screens and devices.



Saved Based on Cost Per Reach Calculated With Kantar Linear Costs


Incremental On-Target Digital Reach


Decreased Cost Per Reach