Campaign Optimizer

Go beyond the traditional MTA offering with tools to measure and identify converting audiences across channels, combined with planning and activation capabilities that enable forecasting and in-flight optimization of media investments, all from one platform.

The Value


high-value converting audiences and optimal reach and frequency based on business objective, informed by historic campaign performance.


overall spend against competitors by time frame to devise new plans and optimize your media investment in-flight to win competitive market share.


your campaign strategy and optimization tactics with conversion reports tied to media efficiencies across channels, informing future actions.

We partnered with VideoAmp to scale our linear TV initiatives with digital and connect with our audience through intentional brand messaging at the right frequency. The data-driven actionable insights we received helped us uncover new audiences and drive incremental reach and savings.

Sarah Morgan

VP, Associate Media Director, Mediahub Global


Review your report.

Identify optimal frequency and highest converting audiences.

Design your audience.

Architect new conversion audiences.

Establish your baseline.

Understand historic performance, including the competition, to inform new plans.

Assess buying scenarios.

Review your plan and constraints across linear.

Optimize your performance.

Achieve guaranteed advanced audience reach in-flight.

Case study


Kleenex Campaign Remedies Media Waste with Incremental Reach

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