Platform Redefining How Media Is Valued, Bought and Sold

The VideoAmp Platform hosts a privacy-preserving suite of capabilities that automate advertising workflows, deduplicate audiences across platforms and connect media exposures to an advertiser’s sales.

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Platform Capabilities


Develop more effective media strategies using rich insights about your audience.

Discover where audiences are consuming content across the entire linear TV landscape.

Increase share of voice by understanding audience reach, frequency and spend across competitors and identifying share-shift opportunities.


Infuse data and automation into the planning process, transforming prescriptive insights into actionable plans.

Create and manage budgets across all channels in one platform.

Build Upfront and Scatter plans designed to efficiently reach audiences across platforms.

Forecast results of media plans across all channels, and receive tactical budget recommendations to increase advertising ROI.


Guarantee media investments on the audiences and metrics that will drive the greatest value for your business.

Measure campaign delivery of guaranteed audiences across linear TV and streaming platforms with precise spot and average audience reporting.


Bring the power of traditional TV, streaming, and digital data together to holistically measure performance.

Assess deduplicated reach and frequency across demographic or advanced audiences leveraging first or third party data.

Capture the true impact of each ad exposure with multi-touch attribution and return on ad spend insights.

Leverage VideoAmp’s proprietary TV viewership data assets in a privacy-safe and compliant manner to help you solve for a variety of use cases.


Make your media investments work harder.

Respond to performance in real time with actionable reporting and prescriptive recommendations across all media channels.

Drive incremental reach of audiences at the optimal frequency within brand-safe, premium streaming and digital environments.

Deploy custom segments within your digital platform of choice that combine first or third party data with TV viewership data.

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TECHNOLOGY Better Data, Best Results

The VideoAmp Platform is powered by a trusted, high quality TV viewership dataset.

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