ProMedia Leads Direct to Consumer Innovation with Advanced Audiences

The Setup

As a full-service, tech-enabled direct response advertising agency, ProMedia leverages purpose-built, patent pending technology that positively impacts their clients’ bottom line. Working in industries that span from healthcare to financial services and beyond, ProMedia provides clients in the direct-to-consumer space with unparalleled efficiency, nimbleness, and actionable solutions.

The partnership between ProMedia and VideoAmp was derived by the agency’s dedication to accountable advertising and focus on delivering superior outcomes, backed by innovative strategies. With an eye for first-mover opportunities, ProMedia leverages VideoAmp’s commingled TV viewership dataset to deliver the level of results their clients have come to expect. By utilizing an agency solution for advanced audience ratings & impressions that goes beyond age and gender demographics, ProMedia enables the targeting of consumers in the right moment, across channels.

The agency utilizes the VideoAmp Platform to use ratings and impressions as a baseline for their clients to measure against these advanced audiences. Further capabilities include identifying cross channel opportunities to drive incremental reach on digital, increasing brand awareness among target audiences, and driving inquiries based on campaign specifics. These strategies provide a better understanding of clients overall campaign performance, and offers in-depth insights into how to optimize their media investments.

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"By partnering with VideoAmp and tying in advanced audience metrics, ProMedia is staying ahead of the curve in establishing a more accurate currency for ratings and impressions. In doing so, clients can understand and target their ideal consumer more effectively, and further enhance ROI efficiencies in the direct-to-consumer space.”

Chris Bishouty

COO, ProMedia


  1. 01Uncover

    opportunities to make media dollars more accountable by better utilizing ratings and impressions data.

  2. 02Identify

    custom audiences, beyond age and gender, to better understand where they are consuming content.

  3. 03Maximize

    incremental reach while managing frequency across channels.


  1. 01 Build

    advanced audiences using VideoAmp’s commingled TV data that were better suited targets for the clients’ needs.

  2. 02 Enhance

    targeting across these advanced audiences using rating and impression data to understand how linear investments are performing.

  3. 03 Capture

    market share across net new audiences by maximizing brand awareness across digital and linear channels.



Build out of robust audience profiles to understand more than simply what’s being consumed, and identify opportunities for optimization.


Identified an opportunity for $7M in savings in Q4 by understanding off-target and over-frequency investments, enabling the prioritization of more efficient media spend.


Understand competitors spend across digital and linear channels to capture market share and seize net new audiences.