TV Maximizer

VideoAmp’s TV Maximizer solution delivers accurate, deduplicated campaign measurement and in-flight optimization against Advanced Audiences by connecting the dots between ad exposures, audiences and outcomes across traditional TV, streaming and digital.

The Value

Audience Design

Advanced Audience creation beyond age and gender using first- and third-party digital data tied to TV viewership.

Digital Activation

Execute true cross-channel buys with Advanced Audiences across premium digital-first environments.

Campaign Measurement

The TV Maximizer reporting suite offers multiple tiers of advanced measurement including TVM Plus and TVM Pro so you can measure and optimize other digital partners with always-on platform access.

VideoAmp’s TV Maximizer solution has proven essential in allowing our clients to increase incremental reach as an extension of linear TV.

Ashley Cox

Media Supervisor, Local Activation at Dentsu X


Design your audience.

Tie every dollar to your intended audience using VideoAmp TV Ad Exposure, Moments or Viewership data coupled with any 1st or 3rd party dataset across desktop, mobile, tablet and CTV.

Create your TV viewership segment.

Whether it’s TV ad exposure, TV moments or TV affinity, you can choose how you want to engage with your audience to reach your desired objective. Discover the most accurate and efficient linear targeting and execution strategies by uncovering what your target audience is watching across traditional TV and pinpointing households in your target audience that your competition has reached to capture share of voice.

Activate across channels.

Let us do the work for you to ensure you’re reaching your audience across the most premium TV inventory as well as digital channels and screens. Pair your premium video with display banner ads served across contextual, behavioral and retargeting tactics to reach audiences across the entire consumer journey.

Measure the immeasurable.

Understand the value of your investment and take action in real time with measurable insights including Reach & Frequency, Competitive Conquesting, Competitive Insights, Audience Insights, Online Conversions, Activation Performance, Cross-Partner Analysis and more.

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MBuy’s Strategic Partnership Drives Business Outcomes for Advertisers Across Channels

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