The New Standard for How Advertising Is Valued, Transacted and Measured

The VideoAmp Platform hosts a privacy-compliant suite of capabilities for advertisers, agencies and publishers to optimize the entire path to conversion across linear TV, OTT and digital video.

Platform Capabilities


Understand what your audiences are watching and how to best reach them.

The foundation of our platform is one of the largest, most accurate TV viewership datasets in the industry, comprising STB, ACR and scheduled data across 28M households and 40M devices.

Onboard any audience attributes from first- or third-party data across all VideoAmp applications.


Assess your investment against advanced audiences and outcomes.

Hold your partners and impressions accountable with descriptive analytics of your campaign’s reach and frequency performance, fueled by various inputs across our full panel of commingled linear and digital data.

Obtain bespoke reach and frequency reports with specified refresh cadences using your own custom log files from various first- and third-party data partners.

Bring your own conversion data and optimize to custom business outcomes by creating reports with specified refresh cadences.

Discover the most accurate and efficient cross-screen optimization strategies to mitigate risk and increase confidence in your media spend.

Use workflow automation tools to turn portfolio-level TV plans into maximum reach against your verified target audience via our proprietary read-write integration with Mediaocean.


Amplify your media investment with cross-screen and workflow optimization.

Employ product-to-spot optimization tools for your media buys to reach consumers across your portfolio of products.

Create data-driven advanced audiences to leverage across third-party media buying platforms, achieving cohesive cross-screen optimization.


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Better Data, Best Results

The VideoAmp Platform is powered by the most trusted, highest quality TV viewership dataset in the industry.

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