People & Culture We Thrive Because of You

Ditch the mumbo jumbo. We’re not your typical People Team. We’re really people first which means we step up our strategic support for leaders to lead in a major way. We plan ahead for our business and the people alike. And everyone has trusted, transparent information at their fingertips at the times that it matters most, just like our company mission. We’ve got your back from Day 1.

Making VideoAmp a pivotal part of your career. We’re building a strong and durable organization that maximizes human capital investments and organizational growth.

  1. 01 Prepare For The Future, Today

    Disrupting a 100 year old industry requires workforce and talent planning 3 to 5 years before we need to be ready to deliver on our business strategy. We are serious about taking a long-range view on organization design, succession and leadership development to turn our plans to reality.

  2. 02 Be Well + Grow

    Hear legit real life stories about our culture from Vampers.

  3. 03 Extreme Ownership & Empowerment

    Dive deep to learn more about how we aspire to create a culture where everyone belongs, takes part and shares all of their life experiences.

  4. 04 Challenge EX Paradigms

    Positive experiences and high engagement mean people are motivated to go above and beyond everyday. And we measure it on the regular.

  5. 05 Let's Give

    We aim to give 10x to our clients, workforce and fans based on the belief the business success will follow. Learn more about the way we’ve transformed lives and businesses.


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Our Why? Raise standards.

We drive a high-performance culture with experiences that dazzle, delight and leave an imprint on people’s lives that leaves them forever changed.

Attracting and hiring top talent to do more here than possible anywhere else.

Measuring and making everyones’ time at VideoAmp an impactful and pivotal part of their journey.

Supporting people and leaders to be more bold, brave and better off than before Day 1.

Maximizing the potential and performance of leaders and their teams through coaching, assessments and insights.

Operating in a frictionless way to get everyone the access and resources to be empowered, developed, recognized and rewarded.

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