Feb 17 2021
Thought Leadership

VideoAmp’s Virtual Data Bites Series: Navigating Adtech Together

At VideoAmp, one of our guiding principles is defining how we can add value as a technology partner to our clients’ advertising investment. But what does that really mean? Of course, we provide the technological advances and solutions that power data-driven advertising, but we also know that being a true partner goes far beyond these tangible solutions. It involves resource sharing, educational exchange, and transparent conversations to make sure that every client not only has the information they need to navigate the use of these solutions, but is empowered to understand and make decisions across the daunting sea of partner promises that lack differentiation. 

Too often, we hear about partners who boast of said grandiose promises backed by confusing jargon that even experts have a hard time understanding. To be a good partner and help evolve a narrative beyond the vendor centric view, we developed a thought leadership series, Virtual Data Bites, composed of intimate and bespoke sessions designed to empower brands and agencies with the information they need, and help them determine the real questions they should be asking their partners. 

In the series, our resident adtech gurus including Kelly Metz, VP of Product Marketing, Josh Chasin, Chief Measurability Officer, and Brian Ejsmont, VP of Product, openly discuss changes in the industry as it relates to privacy regulation, data methodologies, cross-channel reporting, and measurement insights to better understand and take action against the below:

  • How do you correct for biases in your first and third-party data?
  • How do you account for impressions delivered to devices or households where you have no match to identity?
  • What’s the optimal number of times an audience should be exposed to a campaign by channel or device?
  • How quickly can we make accurate decisions based on cross-channel data? 

Life’s always a little bit easier with a little help from your friends, especially as advertisers traverse the murky waters heading into 2021. If you’re interested in scheduling your own Virtual Data Bites session, reach out to set up a meeting today. hello@videoamp.com