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VideoAmp is a measurement company revolutionizing media, so everyone wins.

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We Create Wins for Advertisers, Publishers and Consumers

VideoAmp enables you to measure and optimize your linear TV, streaming and digital media to reach your most valuable audience and drive actual business outcomes.

  • The highest quality dataset in the industry

  • Connecting the dots across channels with precision

  • Insights that are actually actionable

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Deploy media budgets more efficiently so you can drive better results and receive thunderous applause from your clients. Or, you know, at the very least, a gentle nod of encouragement.

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Get the cross-platform insights you’ve been searching for to make smarter decisions about advertising that drive better ROI. Because reaching the right audience shouldn’t be rocket science.

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Generate more advertising revenue while creating a better experience for consumers. Which simply means your viewers won’t see the same deodorant ad ten times in a row.

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The Future Begins with Better Data

VALIDTM is VideoAmp’s super-advanced big data technology machine created to take over the world of advertising.


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