Nov 16 2020
Media Coverage

B+C: TVision Launches Person-Based Advanced Audience Projections

With TVision’s launch of person-based advanced audience projections, VideoAmp is now able to further enhance its commingled TV dataset with information about the actual humans in front of the screen.

By Jon Lafayette

Oracle, Xandr, VideoAmp, iSpot are early adopters

TVision, which measures TV commercial engagement, said it has begun projecting audiences at the personal level for advanced advertising players including Oracle Data Cloud, Xandr, VideoAmp and iSpot.

TVision said the companies it works with can combine its Advanced Audience Projections with their own census data to project individual behaviors across similar homes, allowing them to more precisely target campaigns.

“Incorporating TVision data into our data-driven advertising platform maximizes the value we can drive to media owners and media buyers,” said Jason Burke, VP, strategy at AT&T’s Xandr unit. “This powerful big data set allows for planning, optimizing and measuring person-level association of premium video viewership, which is a critical element of TV advertising.”

“Person-level data is a key component to measuring ad performance as we work to help advertisers understand true reach, and attention for their TV ads. With TVision AAP we are able to add a deeper layer of insights to our already robust measurement offering,” said Robert Bareuther, senior VP, business development at

“With TVision AAP we can deliver the granular and actionable insights on audience attention and viewing patterns to complete the cross-platform picture our customers are asking for. By meeting this critical market need, we can now provide a more comprehensive and individual level view of consumers and how they engage and respond to ads across all of the touch-points in their day,” added Kevin Whitcher, VP of new product development at Moat by Oracle Data Cloud.

TVision provides TV buyers and sellers with detailed, granular data TV viewing behaviors, including attention and engagement via its software as a service platform.

“Households do not view ads. People view ads. But previously our industry has only been able to measure TV ad reach at the household level. AAP solves this problem,” said Yan Liu, CEO of TVision. “The industry is now able to support various data applications such as TV attribution, reach and frequency optimization at the individual level, in a manner similar to digital.”