Kleenex Campaign Remedies Media Waste with Incremental Reach

The setup

As the world’s first and America’s best-selling facial tissue, Kleenex develops products that meet their consumers needs for comfort, reassurance, and quality. Part of the Kimberly-Clark family of brands, Kleenex communicates with their audiences through meaningful and personalized advertising that resonates when and where it matters most.

Kleenex, in partnership with Mindshare, wanted to capitalize on the Cold ‘N Flu season by generating incremental reach outside of linear via their programmatic media. By leveraging VideoAmp’s TV Viewership Segments, the brand was able to activate custom exposure segments through data-driven digital targeting, and receive granular cross-screen insights to ensure reach of the right  audience at optimal frequency.

Ultimately, Kleenex was able to successfully achieve their business objectives of driving incremental unique household reach across digital, while generating over $200K in media value within a single month.

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  1. 01Drive

    awareness of the brand and their latest product offerings during a critical buying window.

  2. 02Increase

    unique reach across the brand’s data-driven digital buy, leveraging a combination of purchase-based and demographic audiences.

  3. 03Achieve

    cost savings by way of reducing duplicated reach across linear and digital mediums.


  1. 01 Establish

    a baseline in the first four weeks of the campaign to understand how the media plan reached the brand’s demographic and data-driven audiences across screens.

  2. 02 Activate

    custom suppression segments using VideoAmp’s commingled TV viewership data to remove households that were exposed to the brand’s linear messaging over the first four weeks of the campaign.

  3. 03 Measure

    the impact of mid-campaign optimizations to validate the use of suppression segments for driving incremental reach across the brand’s digital buy.



Incremental Unique Households Reached Across Digital


In Media Value Generated via Suppression Segments in One Month