Feb 05 2020

VideoAmp’s Unlimited Vacation Policy Epitomizes Its People-First Culture

Every day I talk to people about VideoAmp because I’m proud of the department and profession I’m in, which is Talent (Recruiting/Culture/HR). I am honored to convey VideoAmp’s incredible environment to my candidates, family and friends, and in general during any networking conversations I may have. I am lucky to experience the benefits of VideoAmp’s giving culture and the sense of family and gratitude that is common here. Through generous company benefits and perks, like our unlimited personal time off (PTO) and annual family vacation stipend (you get rewarded for going on vacation!), our executive and leadership team have allowed for an incredible environment that fosters respect, professional growth and appreciation.

During the holidays last year I was able to, for the first time in my whole career, go on vacation and take an entire week off of work thanks to VideoAmp’s generous vacation policy. The beauty of this vacation was spending quality time with my family, being fully present with my kids, and creating memories that we will carry with us forever. I’m not talking about picture memories or selfies – I’m talking about real family time! It turns out we didn’t take too many pictures together, which is proof that we really were living the moment and staying present. I have two young kids, and I have worked throughout their whole existence (one is five, the other is seven). I’ve always felt that I could not take time off for my family nor could I dedicate my attention to them without being distracted by an email or a task that needed to be completed for a work project. We didn’t travel very far this year, but at the end of the day, my children just want to spend time with their mom and dad, and it doesn’t matter where! 

I used my vacation stipend to go to Palm Springs, which is two hours outside of Los Angeles in the desert. The weather was not as hot as we expected, but we made the best of it! We laughed, swam, went to the trampoline park, had ice cream every day… and didn’t let the worries of time consume our energy. I am ever so grateful for this time off; I’ll never be able to put a price on it. 

It is thanks to VideoAmp and our generous unlimited personal time-off policy and vacation stipend ($2,000 tax benefit for the year) that allowed my family to actually spend time together during the school break. VideoAmp makes my life fulfilling, not just because of the work I do to find the best and brightest talent while representing an innovative, cutting-edge platform, but also because of the environment I get to do my job in.

A healthy company culture allows you to grow professionally every day in the interactions that you have, contributing to cross-departmental collaboration and projects. It allows you to spend time to recharge whether it be at the gym or taking unlimited PTO. And at the end of the day, a great company allows you to be extremely accountable and authentic in your work. What more could you want from your job? I don’t know about you, but I can say that I work for a company that supports me in every aspect of my life from being an employee to a mother. Thank you VideoAmp for being so awesome!

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