Powering An Equal Value Exchange Across The Industry

We build software and data solutions that power a three-way value exchange between publishers producing content, audiences engaging with it across channels and advertisers seeking to connect with those audiences.

The future of advertising depends on innovation that drives differentiated value for all.

Everyone has their “why.”

Ours is to become the leading independent measurement and optimization conduit for privacy-safe, cross-channel advertising transactions.

We work together, with unwavering commitment from every employee, customer, partner and investor.

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Our timeline

Executive Leadership

Meet Some Leaders

Allison Felter

SVP, Account Sales

Andy Gaudin

Chief Legal and Privacy Officer

Marisa Peters

Chief People Officer

Randy Laughlin

SVP, Business Development

Kim Jones

SVP, Client Success

Mehdi Hennaoui

SVP, Finance

Dylan Cox

SVP, Operations

Laura Tormey

EVP, National Account Sales

Josh Nisenson

SVP, Engineering

Hari Sankar

EVP, Product

Nicholas Chakalos

EVP & GM, Data and Supply

Ross McCray

Co-founder & CEO

Michael Parkes

Chief Revenue Officer

Esther Maguire

SVP, Marketing

Frank Germano

SVP, Design

Josh Chasin

Chief Measurability Officer

Robert Leff

Chief Financial Officer


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Why VideoAmp

We're Solving The Industry's Challenges

We embrace constant change and are driven to solve the industry’s toughest challenges by breaking down barriers and putting people first.

Our values


Create Trust

Demonstrate consistently strong performance and support your teammates so others can rely on you. Be authentic, candid and warm while always ensuring consistency between your words and actions. Own your mistakes, fix them, and act with humility.


Do More With Less

Automate or outsource all repetitive and low-value tasks. Spend a high majority of time on unsolved high-value problems. Optimize input to output ratios and gain leverage.


Figure It Out

There’s no instruction manual. Make wise decisions despite ambiguity. Use data to hone your intuition and thrive on change. Find meaningful connections that others miss.


Ship It Fast

Take smart risks, ship it fast and iterate. Value speed and rapid recovery over error prevention; no lives are at risk. Our biggest threat is the lack of innovation.


Make It Fun

Be positive in all situations and make people feel better about themselves. Have fun every day and make it contagious. Help people find meaning in their personal and professional lives.


Embrace Wellness

Never sacrifice your health and wellbeing. Grow your physical, mental, financial and spiritual wellness in harmony with your personal and professional responsibilities.


Grow Exponentially

Learn and grow faster than anyone in your peer set. Proactively extract raw and direct feedback about yourself. Think big and help others think big.


Be a Legend

Focus on results over process. Deliver an unbelievable amount of constant and valuable work throughput. Be a legend by making more legends.