Mar 22 2021

The Entrepreneur Series with Ross McCray

We attract high performers at VideoAmp, who have high ambitions. When we see the entrepreneurial spirit in a person, we choose to encourage and coach them in achieving their goals. This may seem like a controversial approach, but providing support for their personal endeavors keeps high performers around longer than if we didn’t. We’ve seen the success that can come from this approach and we’re incredibly proud of the Vampers that have gone on to create successful businesses outside of our walls.

Below you’ll meet three individuals who were rockstar VideoAmp employees that went on to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Check out their interviews with Ross McCray, VideoAmp’s Co-Founder and CEO.



PART ONE: Ryan Chang


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PART TWO: Zane Kansil
CEO, PalmFX Robotics Services


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PART THREE: Shray Bansal
Co-Founder & CTO at Moment House