Jun 19 2022

Father’s Day

Here at VideoAmp we are proud to have so many working dads who would like to share their stories of fatherhood this Father’s day. This blog highlights some of their wisdom, lessons, and proudest moments since becoming fathers. 

Salvatore Tuzzeo, Head of Marketing Comms, is celebrating Father’s Day with his 3.5 year old son, Lil’ Sal. Sal describes how raising his first born during the pandemic changed everything for him:

“We have had to learn to parent DURING the pandemic, which means a lot of time with Sal so we take extra care to remember what Sal might be going through (even if he can’t express it all the time).”

It also taught him a bit about himself:

“Being a parent has taught me how to be a better person — and that included work, which I don’t disassociate or separate from other aspects of my life. They are one in the same and then some!”

Since Sal is remote, he is lucky to have been present for many of his son’s proudest moments; a recent one is when Lil’ Sal was an angel on a round trip flight and slept both ways– a parent’s dream! 

Rickcel Bantog, Senior Engineer, is celebrating Father’s Day with his 4 year old daughter Mareceline and his dog Lilo. His proudest moment as a parent is when his daughter stumbled upon a shared interest that he holds close to his heart:

“Marceline watched me play the spider-man game a year or two ago. And somehow that led her to watching a kids spider-man show on her own. Now she talks to me about her favorite spider-man and tells me how she plays games playing pretend as a ghost spider fighting the spider-man villains. I’m just so happy we share an interest in something that I didn’t even intentionally try to push onto her.”

Since the pandemic, his mornings have less to do with rush hour traffic and are now a bonding moment with Marceline:

“My morning/afternoon walks on workdays are now preschool drop off/pick up walks, where I talk to Marceline about her day and she asks me questions about everything.”

David Ung, Director, Engineering celebrates this Father’s Day with his 9 year old daughter.  He shares a proud moment that shows all the teachings he is passing down to his daughter are making an impact:

“Witnessing empathy from our daughter at an early age when our dog passed away and she asked how Mommy was feeling.”

While the pandemic was a scary time, it allowed David to share in many memories with his daughter he may not have previously been able to:

“I’ve been grateful to be present for major milestones for my daughter from recitals to school plays to school drop offs and pickups.”

His daughter also taught him a very important lesson:

“There’s always time to play.”

Tony Serge, Director, Talent Acquisition celebrates his first Father’s Day with his 10 month old daughter Chloe. He described his proudest moment which was also a milestone for Chloe:

“When my daughter spoke her first word – Dada.”

Tony shared how his nighttime routine changed after becoming a father:

“Instead of going to the gym every night, I go on a walk with my daughter to see everything our neighborhood has to offer.”

He also shared something important Chloe has taught him these past 10 months:

“No matter how tired you are or how little sleep you get, nothing is more rewarding than your child’s smile or laughter.”

Yao Wang, Principal Engineer, celebrates Father’s Day with his 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter. He is reminded of his proudest moments as a father whenever he sees his children:

“The kids are happy every single day.”

Yao shared how the pandemic affected his work life and his life as a father of two,

“The kids could drop by my home office and visit me anytime during the day.”

Yao also shares some wisdom his parents passed down when he became a father:

“Be patient.”

John Adams, Architect, celebrates this Father’s Day with his 3 children, a 23 year old, a 17 year old, and a 15 year old. John shared a heartwarming response to describe his proudest moment:

“My kids make me proud pretty much every day, but whenever I see them rush to offer assistance to someone, be it a grandparent or even a stranger it makes my heart go “squee!”

As the father of teens and adults, John shared how the pandemic gave him some time back:

“I’ve been able to spend more time around my kids, which I wish I had done more of when I was a younger parent.”

He also offers some advice to us all,

“Being a parent comes with a lot of frustrations and challenges, but the rewards are limitless and worth every painful moment.”

Jason Brown, Director, Data Product, celebrates Father’s Day with his one year old. Jason shares that his parents’ advice to him was to

“Always be there.”

When asked about his proudest moment as a father he recalls their first steps to be his. The pandemic reminded him to:

“Always be present”

in his child’s life and his child taught him to:

“Enjoy the moment.”

Andy Gaudin, Chief Legal & Privacy Officer, celebrates this Father’s Day with his 23 year old daughter, Lily, and his 21 year old daughter, Gracie. Andy shares a valuable lesson that his daughters taught him which is:

“Love and respect for everyone’s own journey.”

He also proudly claims that

“No dad is luckier than me!” 

We wish all the amazing Vamper dads and soon to be dads,  a happy Father’s Day and hope they are able to share it with their loved ones.