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VideoAmp Releases Commingled Identity Solution, Setting a New Standard for Audience Targeting and Measurement, Enabling More Advanced Currency

  • The solution provides clients with greater assurance that they are reaching the advanced audience they are targeting and more precise measurement for more effective media strategies, driving increased ROI
  • By commingling best-in-class identity assets from multiple providers into a complete view of audiences, VideoAmp’s identity solution enables accuracy and scalability, building on what a single identity provider can offer
  • VideoAmp’s Clean Room further bolsters its identity solution, combining the highest level of customer privacy protection with advanced targeting

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK, December 6, 2023 — VideoAmp today announced the release of its proprietary commingled Identity (ID) solution which integrates best-in-class identity assets from multiple providers into one graph, providing advertisers and content owners with greater assurance they are reaching the demo and advanced audiences they are targeting across platforms. As a privacy-safe solution to a cookie-less future, VideoAmp leverages clean room technology to safely ingest high-quality identifiers like hashed emails, signed-in users, IP addresses and device IDs in a way that never exposes a consumer’s personal identifiers to VideoAmp, its partners or clients. VideoAmp’s ID graph is supportive of advanced targets leveraging first-party data, providing clients with a comprehensive solution to reach and engage with their most valuable audiences across platforms. This identity solution, along with the use of VideoAmp’s big data solutions, underpin their advanced currency solution.

Core benefits of the VideoAmp’s commingled ID solution include:

  • Enhanced Precision and Scale – VideoAmp’s proprietary fusion of identity assets heightens both accuracy and scale, showing average measurement match rate increases of 79% on pixels and 60% for clean rooms versus a solution based on a single provider alone.
  • Unified Audience View – VideoAmp’s ID Graph will act as a single, enduring source of truth that provides a consistent view of audiences throughout their journey.
  • Future-Proofed Design – VideoAmp’s ID Graph is built for a privacy-first world, supporting high quality identifiers via VideoAmp’s data clean room.
  • Universal Interoperability – Crafted for compatibility with major identity providers.

“The capability to directly match our census-level Omni ID with VideoAmp’s new commingled identity solution, will deliver better scale and more accurate plans for our clients by improving match rates with our partners on advanced audiences. OMG’s clients will now be able to dive deeper, beyond demographics, with some of the most premium content producers in the world, enabling them to deliver more relevant ads to the right consumers,” Megan Pagliuca, Omnicom Media Group North America’s Chief Activation Officer.

The graph serves as an enduring, single source of truth that intelligently maps a consumer throughout their entire journey. By cross-referencing commonalities in identifiers, geographic and demographic metadata, and time, the commingled ID Graph significantly optimizes precision as well as scale. This enables advertisers and publishers to more accurately identify, recognize, and connect with consumers, anywhere, at any time, across any channel, device or touchpoint. The solution commingles identity assets from providers including Experian, Verisk, and LiveIntent, among others, into a complete view of an audience.

“Every use case for advertising measurement and currency today hinges on identity as the lynchpin for quality, accuracy, and effectiveness. With the advancements and speed of innovation in this space, we wanted to implement an identity solution that not only keeps up, but sets a new standard for targeting and precision,” said VideoAmp’s Chief Technology Officer, Tony Fagan. “The better we get at identity, the better we get at everything. We didn’t find a solution that accounted for the gaps and discrepancies we were seeing, so we created one. The launch of our commingled identity solution means more impressions delivered to advertisers’ intended audiences, so they can deliver better ROI.”

VideoAmp’s measurement philosophy is to commingle data assets to enable greater accuracy, efficiency and precision than any individual data source could. VideoAmp was one of the first to commingle big data, pioneering and perfecting the methodology to combine Set-Top-Box and Smart TV and creating one of the largest and most robust datasets in the marketplace. VideoAmp has seen incredible momentum in its adoption as a media currency across advertisers and publishers due to the accuracy of its measurement solutions, which is now underpinned by the industry’s leading identity solution.


Source: Business Wire