Jan 15 2019
Media Coverage

MarTech Series: Mission 2019: How VideoAmp Is Eyeing to Transform the Established AdTech Paradigm

In 2019, we expect a dramatic AdTech transformation powered by new platforms for set-top box and automated content recognition (ACR) data processing. A leading player in the TV advertising and OTT, VideoAmp acquired IronGrid Data Services, Inc., followed by an announcement to launch a Data & Emerging Products Division. Currently, VideoAmp’s marketing investment platform measures linear TV, OTT and digital media investment across various AdTech platforms, including Programmatic and non-Programmatic channels. The leading TV Planning and Cross-Screen analytics provider has its eye set to further disrupt the AdTech industry in 2019, envisaged in a fluent conversation with their Chief Strategy Officer, Jay Prasad.

Source: MarTech Series