Dec 12 2017

Our Commitment to Quality: On-Brand Safety & Much More

VideoAmp is committed to providing Advertisers with access to the most premium inventory across web, app, and OTT screens with impressions that are viewable by potential customers (not bots), transacted transparently with authorized parties, and delivered securely. To deliver on this promise, we partner with only the highest quality media sellers, Sell-Side Platforms (SSPs), Exchanges and data providers, and take additional measures to ensure that your buy is brand-safe and highly viewable by real human beings.

BRAND SAFETY: A lot goes into brand safety. Current fears around the issue have largely been focused around ad placements appearing before explicit or inappropriate content, but that is just one aspect of being brand safe. To us, it means that brands and media buyers can feel confident their messages are running alongside quality inventory and aligned with appropriate and relevant content of which they can be proud.

Considering today’s rapidly growing programmatic video supply chain, it’s paramount to find the right partners. Through work with such premium quality publishers as Turner, NBC Universal, A&E, Scripps Networks, Discovery Channel and more — and the carefully controlled programmatic exchanges run by SpotX, Rubicon Project, OATH, and Telaria — we provide buyers with the clean, well-lit marketplaces they need to buy with confidence.

VIEWABILITY: When it comes to quality, viewable inventory, VideoAmp partners with Integral AdScience, DoubleVerify, and MOAT — making viewability and brand safety controls easy to use down to the impression level.Coupled with consistently updated curated inventory deals, premium, viewable, and brand-safe campaigns are not on a wish list, they’re on a reporting list.

CURATED DEALS: Speaking of curation, our new Curated Deal IDs make it easy to scale premium, brand-safe and viewable inventory, including the hard-to-find full episode player (FEP) impressions you need. Unlike some buying platforms that hide fees in their contracts with supply partners, VideoAmp provides full transparency into the fee you pay for this customized service. Fees for our curated deals are 100% opt-in and clearly listed in our console.

FIGHTING FRAUD & THE MOVE TO HTTPS: Video advertising brings immense opportunity to the programmatic world. But as a premium format in high-demand, it can command the highest CPMs. There are bad actors who wish to capitalize on those CPMs and hijack demand for highly-coveted inventory.

While we’re not here to police the internet, we at VideoAmp have found that non-secure URLs have a significantly higher fraud rate than do secure URLs. Therefore we have built a solution to allow clients to chose to only run on secure URLs. Currently, we do so by helping buyers to:

  • Identify and target SSL compliant domains (VideoAmp is fully compliant with the move to HTTPS and able to transact purely secure campaigns on secure inventory)
  • Control and optimize domain and SSP pairs
  • Easily whitelist/blacklist publisher IDs

We are committed to providing every advertiser with the information, targeting, and tools they need in order to execute and report every campaign confidently.

ADS.TXT: As the industry moves to embrace the IAB’s ads.txt standard, VideoAmp is offering its support and incorporating the additional tracking and sales channel verification information provided by this standard into our bidding process and current suite of brand safety tools. We view this standard as a great first step toward ensuring the veracity of inventory sellers’ and resellers’ relationships to the premium video publishers we work with in the programmatic ecosystem.

Further, as the ads.txt initiative evolves, we will stay in lock-step with its development and work with partners across the ecosystem to advance related innovations. For instance, starting in Q1, 2018, we will strive to make the information it provides in each bid request still more actionable within our UI according to each campaign’s context.

COMING SOON — FILTERING BY PUBLISHER IDs: We also plan to go further than ads.txt as it will only solve for most of the major publishers. There are reputable 2nd and 3rd tier inventory sources that have quality video inventory and desirable (and decidedly human) traffic. These impressions have value and should be utilized. With our upcoming plans to support optimization by publisher ID, we will soon have the ability to flag or block a running list of known fraudulent providers.

In closing, brand safety and the fight against fraud is a concerted communal effort, but that doesn’t mean it should be cumbersome to execute daily for every campaign. At VideoAmp, this commitment to simplicity, ease-of-use, and efficient design is what drives our developers’ and engineers’ efforts every day.