Jan 30 2018

January Roundup: CES Insights to Set You Up for 2018

Cross-Screen Campaigns

We asked industry thought leaders to share insights on Cross-Screen TV and video Advertising at CES 2018, including:

  • The benefits of cross-screen campaigns
  • Tips and strategies for implementing cross-screen campaigns, and
  • What are the measurement challenges involved?

Hear from Kelly Abcarian of Nielsen, Todd Johnson of Yume, and Kelly McMahon of SpotX below:

“Cross-screen campaign planning is absolutely critical in today’s day and age. And so as you think about the benefits, consumers reach and watch and listen and read content differently across platforms, across time. And so being able to aggregate that […] so that a marketer can understand how to effectively reach the audience that they’re intending to reach is critically important.” — Kelly Abcarian, Nielsen

Tip Roundup:

  • Plan to execute the right message on the right screen
  • Be mindful of frequency
  • Know the data sets you’re using to make decisions

Responding to the Walled Gardens

How are publishers banding together to compete with walled gardens? What would the industry like to see more of from the walled gardens, and ultimately, what do advertisers want?

For this round of discussion at CES 2018, we asked Christine Cook of Great Big Story at Turner, Ramsey McGrory of Mediaocean, and VideoAmp’s Chief Strategy Office Jay Prasad to weigh-in:

“The publishers banding together on things like Open AP, common audience definitions, software on how you bring digital and traditional buying and selling together — those are all efforts to make this easier and more efficient for brands and agencies to buy. That’s a huge step toward what Google and Facebook are providing.” — Ramsey McGrory, Mediaocean

Ultimate advice to the walled gardens? Become more interoperable. Too many walls creates more friction for advertisers.

The Obstacles of Brand Safety, Viewability, and Premium Inventory

Finally, AdTech experts sound-off on Brand Safety, Viewability and the value of premium inventory.

Watch Matt Kaplan of Univision, Jarvis Mak of Alphonso Inc, Keith Hernandez of Bleacher Report, and Andrew Smith of Grapeshot offer thoughts on the following:

  • How to ensure viewability
  • The best tools and methods to combat fraud, and
  • How the industry can improve brand safety and restore advertisers’ trust

“One of the first things that we can do is just agree that scale for scale’s sake means nothing, right? Without engagement, scale is nothing. It’s like a massive stadium that’s empty.” — Keith Hernandez, Bleacher Report

Overall, cooperation, standardization, and unity are themes persistent and consistent among today’s challenges, with fraud requiring the most need for industry leaders as a whole to come together and participate. And moving towards a culture of quality over quantity is paramount.