Jul 01 2019

The Summer of Innovation Kicked Off at Cannes Lions 2019

While there were many topics discussed at the 2019 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, two themes dominated discussion on the Croisette: the future of TV and its convergence with digital video.

From yacht row to the beach clubs, there were fireside chats, panels and keynotes on the data assets, media currencies, and automation platforms required to finally bridge the gap between conventional linear TV on the one hand, and all things digital on the other, especially connected TV and streaming OTT. 

Why? Brands and agencies are seeking to bring audience-based buying approaches to their large-scale media investments across all TV and video screens – including upfront linear TV commitments and scatter and spot TV buys. As they do in digital, these data-driven marketers seek to target, measure, and optimize campaigns against business outcomes, such as site visits, online conversions, and sales lift. 

Meanwhile, and for the first time, the availability of TV viewership data from both Smart TVs and conventional cable and satellite set-top boxes alike makes it possible for advertisers to buy TV time against audiences that are in-market for their particular goods or services — for example, car-shoppers, pet owners or new parents – as they have been buying in programmatic for years. 

It’s the year of targeted TV.

Watch this 45-second video clip to hear VideoAmp Co-founder & CEO Ross McCray share his thoughts on this dynamic, and rapidly evolving opportunity.


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For the full, 15-minute session in which Ross is joined by Dan Callahan from Fox Corporation, Jonathan Steuer of Omnicom Media Group and Brad Danaher of Experian Marketing Services, moderated by Todd Spangler of Variety, click here.

VideoAmp has the proven data science approach, software and data solutions required to bridge the silos of conventional linear TV (think Broadcast, Cable and Satellite), streaming OTT and digital video. By providing a unified view of advanced, in-market audiences across all screens, VideoAmp enables marketers to holistically plan, transact and measure deduplicated audiences across all TV and video advertising.

Already, more than $10 billion in media investment has been planned via our advertising planning, activation and measurement platform. 

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