Nov 03 2021
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Building Your Dream Team

Imagine accepting an offer for your dream job and immediately being told you have the headcount, resources and support behind you to go hire, immediately. This was how my story as Chief People Officer started at VideoAmp in 2019 after accepting the offer from Founder and CEO, Ross McCray. He led the hiring process concluding with interviews with the executive team and an offer in 14 days. After accepting the role, I went straight to dinner to make my first hire for the company. I felt empowered, trusted and respected with the full support of the organization behind me. I immediately knew I belonged at VideoAmp and that  I wanted to enable my team to make this sort of experience possible for others, just as it was for me. Why? Time is short. Markets are hot. Dream jobs are in limited supply.

Most leaders identify with the standards we hold everyone to as part of our own DNA. When those standards line up with what we hold our teams to and then directly aligns with our company’s culture (aka: organizational DNA), it makes it easier to hire the best people that make our teams stronger. It accelerates the process and allows us to go from months to weeks by hiring people smarter than yourself, that challenge and support you. That allows for growth and delivering solutions in record time. Bypassing bureaucracy and raising performance expectations together. We have four leadership and management values that guide us, starting first with transparent, direct communication.

Create a Team Vision and a Strategy: You clearly communicate a vision and strategy specific for your team. You provide deep meaning for your team’s work, ensuring everyone knows how their day-to-day is impactful and how it fits into the broader company vision and strategy.

Me with my direct reports in August 2021: Jennifer Kuchyak, Karina Chiechi, Jonathan Fisch (and missing Michele Robertson who is on maternity leave) all who have hired people from past teams and attracted new high-performers as we scale. 

Why We Value the “Follow Me” Test
We believe that the best leaders build teams where people naturally are drawn together to make an outsized impact everyday. We also know the top reason people leave a job is because of their direct manager, followed next by the lack of career growth and development. Why not flip the story? Imagine joining VideoAmp, and being able to bring those two former rockstar colleagues you would love to work with again. It’s actually really simple. If you’re a leader with 3+ people that would immediately come start on your team, email us at to jumpstart the process and make this your reality.

Pass the “Follow Me” Test: Be the inspiring leader that has earned the trust of their team. If you were to leave the company for a new role and asked your team to follow you, the majority of your team would go.

The A-Player Program

The A-Player Program is for people not currently employed by VideoAmp who are referring people that start in a tech role (engineering, product, data science, and user experience design) in order to qualify for an accelerated Day One bonus. The bonus is paid upon successful start of 3+ more people during the new hire’s first week. People must remain at the company for 12 months in order to retain the bonus. Also to note, employees are eligible for internal referral incentive programs. We’re always grateful for your top talent recommendations!

Part of the People team kicking off our VIP Experience for new hires; L to R: Marisa Peters, Jennifer Kuchyak, Tom Sinram, Brett Pheifer, Mallory Iachetta, Karina Chiechi, Zach Moore, Jessica Robles, Harris Faruqi, Armon Mirzanagh 

Every Vamper Plays a Part Building Our Teams
Talent Advisors are partnering with hiring teams and candidates alike to make their dream jobs come true from intro to offer in 14 days. To put it simply – we empower people with unique talents from diverse backgrounds who live our values in order to attract the best. Every employee is a Talent Ambassador and part of recruiting for our company, including the way we diversify our workforce. That’s why we reward our people who tap into the diversity of their network. We’re now inviting people outside the company to join, refer top engineering talent and immediately get $50,000* the day they start if they bring 3+ people to their tech team. 

If you find yourself saying “I want in” then check out our open roles here. You’ll find a “dream job” application link if an open role doesn’t get you hyped, make your own.

Empowering People From Day One
We are relentless about measurement, including the engagement of new hire cohorts to ensure ramp and career development programs are fueling a great experience from the beginning. We know that after 90 days onboard, 98% of new hires feel VideoAmp is a great place to work, 91% are hyper-engaged and their direct leaders agree that 100% of new hires actively apply what they’re learning to perform their job well. Engagement scores remain high through the 180 day midpoint when 88% are engaged (-3 pts) without any employees responding unfavorably about their experience. “Building a strong team that is empowered to develop high quality software fast is the most important contribution I could make to VideoAmp,” said Tony Fagan, Chief Technology Officer who started the summer of 2021 and is doubling his team in the next two quarters. 

Be A Good Coach: Grow your team’s ability significantly more than the average manager. You are there to facilitate development, not just to fix problems. You foster healthy competition on your team to inspire success and proactively manage team performance.

Product Manager, Stephanie Wayne shared “I knew VideoAmp cared about providing resources to support me bringing my best — from helping me meet key people fast, providing context about our business all the way to hair ties in the bathroom. It is clear VideoAmp covers everything to help me thrive.” Data Product Director, Jae Brown, met the leadership team at an offsite early into his ramp time and added “The offsite was a masterclass in all things TV advertising. The collective knowledge in the room was astounding. The knowledge, passion and energy for solving the problems we’re solving brought me all the clarity I needed after starting my first few weeks remotely.”

Have The Technical Mastery To Advise Your Team: You are above the average technical skill level of your team. You have “been there done that” experience that allows you to roll up your sleeves, lead by example in the trenches and provide deep technical and tactical advice to be more effective.

Your Dream, It’s Today
We don’t have time to waste. Neither do you. Don’t wait a single day in order to make your dream a reality. We all deserve to spend time with people who inspire us and allow us to be ourselves. We want to make VideoAmp the place where all people realize one of their greatest career chapters. You deserve the best. Join us in that journey! 

The People Team leaders and their families (missing the Fisch family based on the East Coast but with us from afar!)

*A-Player Program is for people not currently employed by VideoAmp who are referring people that start in a tech role (engineering, product, data science, and user experience design) in order to qualify for the accelerated Day 1 bonus. Bonus is paid upon successful start of 3+ more people during the new hire’s first week. People must remain at the company for 12 months in order to retain the bonus. Employees are eligible for internal referral incentive programs. We’re grateful for your top talent recommendations!