May 25 2022
Client Testimonials, Vamplify - 15 MINS

Partner Spotlight: Sean Cunningham at VAB


The Spotlight


Esther Maguire. SVP, Marketing at VideoAmp


Sean Cunningham. President & CEO at VAB



As VAB President & CEO Sean Cunningham puts it, “‘change’ is the key word,” as the media industry moves headlong into a bright future for measurement. After over a decade of objective analyses and research into industry trends and issues– from attribution to identity– last year the VAB made it their mission to advocate on behalf of marketers everywhere to open up about the current currency and not just the need for a more durable solution moving forward, but metrics that could help the industry take advantage of a clear growth opportunity as COVID waned.

In this episode of Vamplify, VideoAmp’s SVP, Marketing Esther Maguire talks to VAB President & CEO Sean Cunningham on how and when his org began socializing to their marketing and agency constituency the economic upside in moving from a panel-based system to a census-based one.

Hear why Cunningham thinks that those who embrace early on the inevitable change in measurement could position themselves well in the future. Specifically, as he notes, by leaning into new ways to think about media, such as audience and identity-based buying, leveraging a metric that could underpin better cross-screen measurement and relying on higher order, data-driven research, the industry could finally have what has been lacking: measurement that can help buyers and sellers unlock the true potential of media.

For advertisers and agencies, it’s more than just navigating the measurement ups and downs, or nuts and bolts, but they are trying to find out how to glean market advantage and the value of going to a different truth set, a co-primary truth set or census-based data.

Sean Cunningham

President & CEO, VAB

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