Jun 04 2022
Client Testimonials, Vamplify - 15 MINS

Partner Spotlight: Andrea Zapata at WarnerMedia (now Warner Bros. Discovery)


The Spotlight


Laura Tormey. Chief Revenue Officer at VideoAmp


Andrea Zapata. Head of Research, Data & Insights at WarnerMedia (now Warner Bros. Discovery)



Sure, everyone has an age and gender. But in this day and age of multiform content creation, on-demand options and self-curated taste making, our viewing and purchasing identity have become synonymous with each other. We are what we watch and shop for (or intend to). As the industry braces for mondo change, embracing a currency that can account for consumer profiles is paramount (no pun intended) to capitalizing on advanced audiences across platforms.

In this episode of Vamplify, VideoAmp’s Chief Revenue Officer Laura Tormey sits down with WarnerMedia’s (now Warner Bros. Discovery) Andrea Zapata, Head of Research, Data & Insights to talk where the industry is headed over the coming year–from the challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s media environment to why test-and-learn scenarios, as well as data stewardship, are vital to successfully finding a better way to measure.

Hear what Zapata has to say about WarnerMedia’s commitment to their advertisers and the share of impressions they are delivering, how they are leveraging VideoAmp data to re-imagine their tentpole strategy and why precision is crucial to data-driven linear!


When it came to working with VideoAmp, you were able to, if not check every box, get us really comfortable with understanding when a particular box could be checked given your product roadmap and where you were placing your investments. You guys have definitely stepped up to the plate. It’s not just about a rating point anymore.

Andrea Zapata | Head of Research, Data & Insights, WarnerMedia (now Warner Bros. Discovery)

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