May 26 2022
Client Testimonials, Vamplify - 15 MINS

Partner Spotlight: Brian Lin at Univision


The Spotlight


Esther Maguire. SVP, Marketing at VideoAmp


Brian Lin. SVP, Product Management at Univision



Consider this: Over 62 million consumers in the U.S., and some half a billion over the world, speak and engage with Spanish language content! Making sure measurement representative and resilient enough to help create a better media and advertising experience is mission critical to Univision’s SVP of Product Management, Brian Lin.

In this episode of Vamplify, Lin sits down with VideoAmp’s SVP, Marketing Esther Maguire to discuss why leaning into cutting edge data, analytics and technology help Univision not only address media fragmentation, but discusses the steps the premiere Spanish language media seller is taking to ensure the voice and power of the Hispanic consumer is heard (and seen) loud and clear.

Hear why Lin thinks that measurement needs to be representative in order to help the industry harness the financial power of Spanish language consumers, create media experiences second to none and drive desired outcomes.


We’ve been leaning into partners, like VideoAmp, that help the aggregation across our portfolio of linear, digital and audio platforms. To enable advertisers to measure and connect with the Univision family of viewers across every touchpoint.

Brian Lin | SVP, Product Management, Advertising, Univision

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