May 27 2022
Client Testimonials, Vamplify - 7 MINS

Partner Spotlight: Kelly Metz at Omnicom Media Group


The Spotlight


Esther Maguire. SVP, Marketing at VideoAmp


Kelly Metz. Managing Director, Advanced TV Activation at Omnicom Media Group



As one of the largest media agency networks in the world, Omnicom Media Group has carved out a reputation as a trusted media partner to literally every type of brand client and media partner under the sun. For OMG’s Managing Director of Advanced TV Activation, Kelly Metz, the continued symbiotic success of the industry is at a crucial inflection point all centered around one thing: trust.

In this episode of Vamplify, VideoAmp’s SVP, Marketing Esther Maguire talks to Metz about trust and how everything from OMG’s cleanroom strategies to how they are approaching test-and-learns for alternative currency and measurement providers are influenced by this rock solid foundation of trust.

Hear why Metz thinks the blind trust the industry has been forced into with the incumbent measurement provider is moving to a place where accountability is held in higher regard and new currencies will finally help media buyers and sellers alike exceed KPIs and drive return on investment.


One [measurement provider] with its small human-based panel is not going to be effective at measuring the streaming environments that we need to measure. So that’s really our impetus for moving into currency testing and to actually transacting on an alternate currency. It is a clear path to better measurement in our industry.

Kelly Metz | Managing Director, Advanced TV Activation at Omnicom Media Group

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