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Here at VideoAmp, we don’t build flashy technology for the sake of marketing. At our core, we do everything to drive customer value and real-world outcomes.

The Engineering Team is dedicated to five cultural tenets that permeate our organization.

  1. 01 No Bullshit

    Transparency is key. We use retros, regular 1:1s and peer feedback loops to get to the root of issues.

  2. 02 Maximize Value

    Every project we take on is designed to create impact for customers.

  3. 03 People First

    We care deeply about career progression, adaptive learning environments, freedom to experiment and space to innovate.

  4. 04 Challenge Paradigms

    There is no such thing as the “right way”! We believe in challenging all assumptions until we arrive at an approach that yields the most effective results.

  5. 05 Be Premium

    We are obsessed with great customer experiences! The only way to get there is via constant iteration and best-in-class automation.


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Our Stats

VideoAmp may not be the biggest kid on the block, but we are becoming the fastest because we are tenacious, sharp, focused and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

  • 3.5B lifetime impressions

  • 80,000 unique websites per hour

  • 300T ad opportunities analyzed

  • 160,000 targetable user dimensions

  • 2B rows of data per table

  • >2PB of advertising data in our warehouse

Our Engineering Teams

Engineering contains 10+ squads (also known as “scrum teams”), several DevOps groups, more than six core technology surface areas and multiple guilds (e.g., Data Guild, Front-End Guild) focused on a variety of technical disciplines.

We build software for speed, scale and perfection. We connect advertisers and users in real time through content combined with intelligent data and algorithms. We are making the internet better for everyone.

We build pipelines to make data available when you want it, how you want it.

We combine human and machine intelligence to develop cutting-edge methods that transform our data into the insights that power our platform at every level.

We build beautiful, scalable user interfaces that provide our members with an experience to deliver information in optimal and intuitive ways, so they can plan and execute with confidence.

We empower our people to efficiently create and iterate at scale.

We ensure a solid and secure foundation and that everything we build works well together, enabling our development teams to rapidly iterate to deliver customer value.

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